News Digest: July 21, 2023

Articles 7/5/23, The New Humanitarian, Eight Years Later: A Syrian Father's Search for Stability in Germany 7/14/23, Documented, Migrants find positive [...]

News Digest: July 21, 20232023-07-20T16:26:08-05:00

News Digest: July 14, 2023

Articles 7/6/23, Chronicle of Higher Education, Refugee students gain a new path to U.S. colleges. Here's why that's a big deal. [...]

News Digest: July 14, 20232023-07-13T15:14:39-05:00

News Digest: July 7, 2023

Articles 6/28/23, NPR, Nearly 2,000 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean this year. Here's why 6/29/23, Tallahassee Democrat, A 15-year-old will [...]

News Digest: July 7, 20232023-07-06T14:54:45-05:00

News Digest: June 30, 2023

Articles 6/17/23, Guardian, The woman saving trans lives at the U.S.-Mexico border 6/20/23, New Humanitarian, What does World Refugee Day mean [...]

News Digest: June 30, 20232023-06-29T13:51:16-05:00

News Digest: June 23, 2023

Articles 6/15/23, Axios, 11 years of Dreamers 6/15/23, NPR, Afghans arrive at south border of U.S. to find immigration system challenges [...]

News Digest: June 23, 20232023-06-22T11:24:10-05:00

News Digest: June 16, 2023

Articles 6/6/23, Axios, Number of elected Latinos who identify as LGBTQ+ soars 6/8/23, InfoMigrants, Living in fear: what Uganda's new law [...]

News Digest: June 16, 20232023-06-15T16:08:10-05:00

News Digest: June 12, 2023

Articles 6/9/23, Texas Tribune, With another DACA ruling looming, Texas recipients who are now adults worry about their jobs and futures [...]

News Digest: June 12, 20232023-06-09T11:18:12-05:00

News Digest: June 1, 2023

Articles 5/24/23, Bloomberg Law, Asylum seekers notch wins, work permit processing times ease 5/25/23, The Guardian, Florida groups warn America of [...]

News Digest: June 1, 20232023-06-01T10:57:49-05:00

News Digest: May 26, 2023

Articles 5/18/23, NBC News, In Florida, agricultural workers are fearful and brace for changes under new immigration law 5/18/23, New York [...]

News Digest: May 26, 20232023-05-25T10:28:34-05:00

News Digest: May 19, 2023

Articles 5/12/23, New York Times, Backlogged courts and years of delays await many migrants 5/14/23, The Intercept, Desperate families and gun-toting [...]

News Digest: May 19, 20232023-05-18T11:22:02-05:00
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