News Digest: December 1, 2023

Articles 11/17/23, WBUR, I left Venezuela seeking safety -- my life shouldn't be fodder for a political stunt 11/18/23, Hoodline, Massachusetts [...]

News Digest: December 1, 20232023-11-30T15:55:05-06:00

News Digest: November 17, 2023

Articles 11/7/23, UNHCR, Transfer arrangements of asylum seekers and refugees must respect international refugee law 11/10/23, New Humanitarian, 100 killed aid [...]

News Digest: November 17, 20232023-11-16T16:13:00-06:00

News Digest: November 10, 2023

Articles 10/29/23, UN News, UN seeks end to 'colossal' humanitarian tragedy as Sudan's military factions resume Saudi-hosted talks 10/30/23, Episcopal News [...]

News Digest: November 10, 20232023-11-09T16:40:51-06:00

News Digest: November 3, 2023

Articles 10/25/23, Lake County Record-Bee, From Texas' border to California: A tale of two cities' response to migrants arriving unexpectedly 10/29/23, [...]

News Digest: November 3, 20232023-11-02T15:21:06-05:00

News Digest: October 27, 2023

Articles 10/9/23, Guardian, 'There are no better experts on refugees than refugees': Nhial Deng on why politicians need to listen 10/13/23, [...]

News Digest: October 27, 20232023-10-26T12:37:00-05:00

News Digest: October 20, 2023

Articles 10/12/23, Mother Jones, The biggest backlog in the US Diversity Visa program? All the broken promises to those who applied. [...]

News Digest: October 20, 20232023-10-19T13:21:23-05:00

News Digest: October 13, 2023

Articles 10/6/23, Documented NY, Amid autumn upheaval, New York City migrants wonder where they'll go next 10/6/23, New York Times, How [...]

News Digest: October 13, 20232023-10-12T16:24:15-05:00

News Digest: October 6, 2023

Articles 9/25/23, Texas Tribune, Mexico agrees to deport migrants after El Paso reaches 'breaking point' 9/27/23, New Humanitarian, Uganda's anti-gay law [...]

News Digest: October 6, 20232023-10-05T15:58:52-05:00

News Digest: September 29, 2023

Articles 9/17/23, Tyler Morning Telegraph (Texas), For 20 years, this local nonprofit has provided legal assistance to immigrants who found home [...]

News Digest: September 29, 20232023-09-28T15:59:37-05:00

News Digest: September 22, 2023

Articles 9/16/23, CBS News, U.S. border agents are separating migrant children from their parents to avoid overcrowding, inspector finds 9/17/23, Politico, [...]

News Digest: September 22, 20232023-09-21T17:35:06-05:00
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