Hyatt Hotels: Supporting Afghan Refugees

As we welcome and resettle refugees, our goal is always for individuals to obtain security, self-sufficiency, and a solid foundation to begin [...]

Hyatt Hotels: Supporting Afghan Refugees2021-12-27T13:39:09-06:00

A Light in the Darkness

This story is the second part of a two-part series from Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, one of EMM’s 12 affiliate partners. [...]

A Light in the Darkness2021-10-07T11:03:45-05:00

What Did We Do For Our Faith?

Today’s episode of Hometown features an interview with Ben, a pastor, evangelist and asylee from Nigeria. He lives in the Southeast [...]

What Did We Do For Our Faith?2020-11-29T17:22:43-06:00
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