Today’s episode features a conversation with several members of the St. Matthew’s & St. Andrews Pentecost Partnership Committee, a joint effort between two parishes in Evanston, IL, who are working with RefugeeOne to do the critical work of welcome within their community. We speak with Cynthia Doucet, Marta Humphreys, & the Rev. Terri J. Morrisey, parishioners & clergy of the two churches in Evanston, along with Kelli Wendt, Community Engagement Coordinator at RefugeeOne.

This episode highlights what it looks like for organizations to get involved in the critical work of “welcoming all in community, joyfully doing God’s work in the world,” through community sponsorship.

About our Guests

Cynthia Doucet has been part of the St. Matthew’s Evanston family for 16 years, where she has served on the Vestry, most recently as Senior Warden.

Cynthia has worked on the Gala & Fundraising committees, and is an annual participant in the “Race Against Hate”, and she feels blessed to be part of St. Matthew’s/St. Andrew’s Pentecost Partnership for community sponsorship.

Marta Humphreys is a member of St. Andrew’s Pentecost Church in Evanston, and is part of the St. Matthew’s/St. Andrew’s Pentecost Partnership Committee, where she serves on the Facilitators team and Communication team.

The Rev. Terri J. Morrissey is a deacon at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, Illinois She is a member of the St. Matthew’s/St. Andrews Partnership Team which is focused on issues surrounding immigration, DACA, and refugees.

Prior to becoming a deacon, she spent 34+ years as an art teacher.

Kelli Wendt, RefugeeOne’s Community Engagement Coordinator, works to prepare communities of faith and other Chicagoland community groups in supporting refugee families during their first 6 months in Chicago through RefugeeOne’s Co-Sponsorship program. Kelli has a master’s degree in social work, and as a person of faith herself, she’s committed to and energized by seeing congregations and other communities of faith come together to welcome and support refugees.

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