As we welcome and resettle refugees, our goal is always for individuals to obtain security, self-sufficiency, and a solid foundation to begin a new life here in the U.S. In addition to receiving welcome from local resettlement affiliates and community members, employment opportunities provide refugees the start they need to find independence and become contributing members of their local communities, states, and the U.S.

EMM recently interviewed Hyatt hotels about how their commitment to caring for people so they can be their best extends to employing refugees in local communities.

Q: What value do Hyatt hotels recognize in employing refugees?

A: At Hyatt, we are committed to cultivating a culture of opportunity where everyone has an equal chance to succeed. We understand that starting a new life in a foreign country is not easy, and an important part of the foundation of security and stability is employment. Our hope is to ease this transition by connecting these individuals with opportunities at Hyatt hotels.

With the global reach and breadth of jobs in the hospitality industry, Hyatt hotels have a unique ability to not only create jobs, but support meaningful life-long careers. Many of entry-level jobs at Hyatt hotels do not require a degree, and there are many success stories of colleagues who have transitioned from entry-level into management roles. No matter your background or where you came from, we are happy to help find an opportunity for you to find your home at a Hyatt hotel.

Q: How did Hyatt become involved in supporting the Afghan arrivals? What does that involvement look like?

A: With the knowledge that Afghan Special Immigrants, refugees, humanitarian parolees, and asylum seekers are entering the U.S. not only looking for permanent housing, but also employment, we saw a truly impactful opportunity to make a connection with those in need. Now that most Hyatt hotels have resumed operating after they suspended operations related to COVID-19, there are many opportunities at Hyatt hotels nationwide. Thus, we began meeting with resettlement agencies and community-based organizations who support refugees to spread the word that Hyatt hotels are hiring. Through these agencies, new arrivals can connect with open positions available at Hyatt hotels throughout the U.S.

Q: Which immigrant or refugee populations do you work with?

A: Historically, Hyatt hotels have been deeply entrenched in the communities in which they operate. Community involvement is a key pillar of our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) platform, World of Care – whether it is through workforce development, volunteerism, charitable giving, or partnering with community-based organizations that support a diverse range of populations. We have active relationships with many community-based organizations that enable us to connect individuals in need of a job with local Hyatt hotels to find employment.

The situation with Afghan arrivals is unique because it signifies one of the first times that we saw a high influx of refugees from one country. With the help of the resettlement agencies, we were able to identify these cities and regions that saw many arrivals and reached out to the local offices and affiliates in those areas to see what their needs were.

Q: Why do Hyatt hotels believe it is important to offer opportunity and support to arriving Afghans?

A: When one settles into a new country, they join a local community and become embedded within its culture and fabric. As part of our commitment to making a difference in our communities, we realized that many refugees were arriving in cities that have one or more Hyatt hotels, and we wanted to support their resettlement efforts. We’re passionate about the hospitality industry and believe it’s a wonderful path to career growth, so we want to connect people who may need it the most with opportunities at Hyatt hotels.

Q: How does contributing to the welcome and support of these newcomers align with Hyatt’s mission and values?

A: At Hyatt, our purpose – to care for people so they can be their best – extends into everything we do and to every one of our stakeholders, from colleagues and guests to owners and communities in which Hyatt hotels operate. In today’s world, leading with care and empathy is more important than ever, which is why we place our purpose at the forefront of our business strategy and goals. We’re honored to help connect refugees with a potential pathway to employment, helping them plant strong roots in the U.S. so that they can thrive and be their best selves.

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