6/27/20, Vox: US must release children from detention centers due to Covid-19, judge rules

6/26/20, New York Times: U.S. Must Release Children From Family Detention Centers, Judge Rules

6/26/20, New York Times: Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Diversion of Military Funds for Border Wall

6/25/20, MPI: As #DefundThePolice Movement Gains Steam, Immigration Enforcement Spending and Practices Attract Scrutiny

6/25/20, New York Times: Supreme Court Says Rejected Asylum Seekers Have No Right to Object in Court

6/25/20, Vox: The Supreme Court just allowed Trump’s expansion of deportations to go unchecked

6/25/20, Newsweek: Exclusive: Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Give Citizens in Mixed-Status Families Stimulus Checks

6/25/20, Guardian: ‘We want to stay’: refugees struggle to integrate in Greece after camp life

6/24/20, Immigration Impact: DHS Suggests Asylum Seekers Should Get Used to ‘Homelessness’ After Stripping Work Permits

6/24/20, Reuters: Triple Threat for Refugees: Conflict, COVID-19 and Cash, Says IRC’s Miliband

6/23/20, Miami Herald: ‘We may die and are afraid’: Federal judge makes public letters sent to him by ICE detainees

6/23/20, Yahoo News: Deportation airline secures $67 million in coronavirus bailout

6/23/20, Washington Post: Trump’s new restrictions on foreign workers, explained

6/23/20, Time: How 1970s U.S. Immigration Policy Put Mexican Migrants at the Center of a System of Mass Expulsion

6/22/20, Marshall Project: The True Costs of Deportation

6/22/20, New Humanitarian: At the US-Mexico border, asylum chaos and coronavirus fear

6/22/20, Rethinking Refuge: Refugee-led Responses to COVID-19: A case study from Uganda

6/21/20, NPR: U.S. Immigration Crackdowns Not Unusual During Times Of Crisis

6/21/20, NPR: Iowa’s Burmese Community Devastated By COVID-19

6/19/20, Texas Tribune: After Supreme Court ruling, Texas DACA case could offer another chance at ending program


6/26/20, Boston Globe Editorial Board: America closes its doors on the world

6/23/20, WHYY: The future is uncertain for stateless people like me

6/23/20, Washington Post: Trump’s latest immigration restriction exposes a key contradiction in policy

6/23/20, Texas Monthly: I Finally Became a U.S. Citizen Amid the Pandemic

6/22/20, Detroit News: Opinion: Need for helping refugees is greater than ever

6/22/20, Univision: Dreamers, or a lesson in how to lose fear

Policy Resources

MPI Commentary: Measuring Up? Using Monitoring and Evaluation to Make Good on the Promise of Refugee Sponsorship

American Immigration Council Fact Sheet: A Primer on Expedited Removal

Refugee Studies Centre: Online today, Forced Migration Review 64 has two themes – climate crisis, and trafficking and smuggling

Opportunities & Resources

Immigrant Learning Center and Re-Imagining Migration webinar: 2020 Immigrant Student Success

How do you support your foreign-born students particularly during times of crisis? Immigrant and refugee students of all ages are being disproportionately affected during the combined crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recession and heightened immigration restrictions. Learn how to support immigrant students and their communities, understand the impact of anti-immigrant policy, and center the immigrant voice across subject areas in the free online workshop on July 8 and 9, 2020, from 12:00-3:00 PM EDT. Register here.
Define American: Guide to Difficult Conversations About Anti-Blackness

Throughout history, Black Americans have been systematically denied dignity, humanity, and justice. Even today, our customs, policies, and practices are deeply rooted in intolerance and cruelty. As strongly as we demand justice and equity for immigrants, we must also demand the same for Black Americans who face deadly and daily racism and injustice. We cannot afford to tiptoe around this issue in the name of respect or deference. It is not possible to avoid conflict and be anti-racist. We have to make a choice. This moment requires courage. It requires us to take a stand for what is right. Download the guide.