10/17/19, NBC News: ‘America has betrayed the Kurds’: Anger in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan

10/17/19, New York Times: Senate Fails to Override Trump’s Veto, Keeping Border Emergency in Place

10/17/19, Clarion Ledger: Undocumented workers busted. Employers often not. What we learned from 6 ICE raids in U.S.

10/16/19, Blue Mountain Eagle (MN): Campaigners protest ICE activity in Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building

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10/14/19, New York Times’ The Upshot: The Immigrants Trump Denounces Have Helped Revive the Cities He Scorns

10/14/19, Immigration Impact: “Public Charge” Rule Blocked Days Before Going Into Effect

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10/12/19, CNN: Why one area along the US-Mexico border saw drownings triple and water rescues skyrocket more than 1000%

10/11/19, Reuters: Judge blocks Trump immigration rule, calls it ‘repugnant to American Dream’

10/11/19, NBC News: California law bans for-profit, private prisons, including immigration detention centers

10/11/19, Politico: Trump ending U.S. role as worldwide leader on refugees

10/11/19, New York Times: Kevin McAleenan Resigns as Acting Homeland Security Secretary

10/11/19, PRI: Legal status for thousands of Liberians in US hangs on court decision

10/11/19, Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. migrant policy sends thousands of children, including babies, back to Mexico

10/10/19, NPR: How The Trump Administration Uses ‘Workarounds’ To Reshape Legal Immigration


10/16/19, Newsweek: I’m a Former Assistant Secretary of State. Yesterday I Was Arrested Protesting Secretary Pompeo’s Policies on Refugees

10/14/19, Washington Post: I’m an evangelical pastor who plans to vote for Trump. Here’s how he could lose me.

10/11/19, The Hill: The US must remain an exemplar of moral leadership on refugee resettlement

“I am particularly disconcerted by Ries’s conflation of asylum seekers and refugees. Both vulnerable populations merit our concern and attention. Both deserve legal due process and respect from U.S. government authorities. It is in no way necessary for the federal government to pit one vulnerable group against another. As we consider our humanitarian response to both the situation at the southern border and the international refugee crisis, we should remember that the United States has the capacity to process asylum claims while continuing our historic commitment to admitting a healthy number of refugees each year. Congress established the refugee resettlement program for a reason. It is incumbent upon the Trump administration to faithfully enact Congress’s will and maintain this vital program, rather than chipping away at it until nothing remains but a shallow husk.”

10/10/19, Courier-Journal: Ex-Border Patrol agent: Stop treating migrants like they are less than human

“What I felt then, and now know for sure, is that labeling a person as “illegal” is a powerful and intentional act. When we use this language about migrants, we are telling ourselves that they are less than human. If they are less than human, then they cannot possibly be entitled to the same inalienable rights as the rest of us. Freedom of speech, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot exist for people deemed “illegal.”

Dehumanizing immigrants is a step in the process of enabling agents to cram human beings into filthy detention cells, to take their children, to give them rotten food and to deny them medical care. It allows agents to tell themselves that they are heroes, protecting the homeland. It lets them call themselves humanitarians for pulling people out of the Rio Grande or the desert only to detain them indefinitely.”

10/8/19, RNS: The economic (and Christian) case for hiring refugees


10/15/19, Refugee Studies Centre: Forced Migration Review 62 on ‘Return: voluntary, safe, dignified and durable?’ is online today

Voluntary return in safety and with dignity has long been a core tenet of the international refugee regime. In the 23 articles on ‘Return’ in this issue of FMR, authors explore various obstacles to achieving sustainable return, discuss the need to guard against premature or forced return, and debate the assumptions and perceptions that influence policy and practice. This issue also includes seven articles on ‘Towards understanding and addressing the root causes of displacement’, prepared as resource material for the Global Refugee Forum to be held in December.