Bill Robison, a supporter of Episcopal Migration Ministries, has organized a fundraiser to support our ministry. The cycling jerseys feature The Episcopal Church and Episcopal Migration Ministries logos. The jersey is available in Spanish. 10% of all sales will benefit EMM. Order deadline: November 22, 2019.

Below is a reflection from Bill on why he chose to offer this fundraiser:

This idea actually began in an unexpected way.  My friend and rector of my parish, The Rev. Gary Manning of Trinity Episcopal Church in Wauwatosa, WI, and I are frequent riders together.  Some years back, Gary had done a fundraising ride circumnavigating the entire Diocese of Milwaukee, with stops at nine parishes around the diocese over the course of 11 days, and with a few riders joining him on all or parts of the ride.  The event had a bit of a goofy name – “Tour de DioMil” – and I designed a logo for the ride which another friend sent to Borah teamwear here in Madison, WI to make into a jersey.  The final product was good, but only a few were made. We lamented at the time that the graphics and the way that ride was held may not have given Gary quite the opportunity intended to share with people about the Episcopal Church, through telling the story of the ride.  

A few years later, Gary and I found ourselves fighting a small battle with the local city engineering office about their not permitting those well known “Episcopal Church Welcomes You” signs to help direct folks to Trinity Episcopal Church.  Our parish is on a one-way street and finding us can be a challenge so we would welcome those directional signs, but to no avail.  We had discussed how that graphic, with the tilted sign, is so recognizable, even by those who don’t know The Episcopal Church, and it struck us that if we could ride with that logo across our backs, we might be visible moving signs and perhaps would have the chance at some of those conversations we hoped for back in the “tour” days.  So a period of garnering permissions from the church began, including a direct request of our Presiding Bishop for permission to use his quote – “Imagine this tired old world, when Love is the way” – on the sleeve (enthusiastically granted; he loved the project, even though biking is not his thing).  One thing we both felt strongly about was working again with Borah, because of the quality of their work, but also because they have a program to give back dollars from each jersey to a designated charity.  

Enter Episcopal Migration Ministries.  At the last General Convention, I visited the booths of a number of ministries, looking for one to support that seemed a good fit for this effort, and one doing work that felt immediate, essential and urgent in our current political landscape.  We are excited that EMM chose to partner with us both as a way to share their name and mission, and for us to help support that work.

Jerseys available for sale here:

Order deadline: October 31, 2019
*Please note: A second campaign will open on Oct. 31 with an order deadline of 11/14.