We pray for peace. … We pray for a just peace.
We pray that the lives of innocents and the lives of any human child of God will be spared.
We pray that our leaders will find a diplomatic way, a nonviolent way. “

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Faith Vigil for Peace in Ukraine

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russia launched devastating attacks by land, air, and sea against Ukraine. An independent nation since 1991, Ukraine is home to over 43 million people. The Government of Ukraine reports at least 1.4 million internally displaced people since the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea in 2014. With the military invasion ongoing, and U.S. assessments of up to 5 million people likely to flee Ukraine, the world is bracing for a humanitarian crisis.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is working with partners in Ukraine and stands ready to provide humanitarian assistance. UNHCR is also working with neighboring countries and asking that borders remain open to those fleeing for protection.

The situation in Ukraine is an evolving crisis. Episcopal Migration Ministries encourages the support of the organizations on the ground serving internally displaced people, and other frontline humanitarian aid organizations.

Up-to-date information, as well as a list of organizations providing services and support in Ukraine, will be posted here as available.

The State Dept. has issued the following guidance For US citizens in Ukraine.

IOM Hotlines for Persons Affected By The Crisis In Ukraine

UNHCR Guidance:

For persons inside of Ukraine, UNHCR advises you to:
• Stay informed and connected (via radio, TV, Internet) and follow official advice for your security. Listen to official messages from emergency services, local authorities, and follow the instructions, including regarding curfews.
• Keep a copy (even digital) of your documents in a safe place. The replacement of lost documents will be easier if people can present a copy to the SMS later.
• For advice on how to provide emotional support to children during these difficult times, see pages such as this.
UNHCR is doing its outmost to ensure that its services and assistance are continued and strengthened. For more information, please see our HELP page in Ukraine.

Please note that UNHCR Ukraine is not involved in exit procedures or evacuations of any person from Ukraine. For Ukrainians traveling to or present in other countries, please see the below for more information about asylum procedures and where to go for help:

• In the Czech Republic: Please see the UNHCR HELP page: (hotline number +420 974 801 802).
• In Hungary: Please see the UNHCR HELP page for Hungary.
• In Moldova: Please see the page of the asylum authorities and this partner page for available services: https://dopomoga.life/. You can contact UNHCR at: [email protected].
• In Poland: Please see the UNHCR HELP page for Poland/ and the Polish government website for Ukrainians (scroll down for additional languages and note their hotline at: +48477217575).
• In Romania: Please see the UNHCR HELP page for Romania and the website of our partner, the National Council for Refugees.
• In Slovakia: Please see the UNHCR HELP page for Slovakia here and the Slovak government website for Ukrainians.
In all other countries: Please see the UNHCR HELP page  and select the relevant country.


How to Help

  • Welcome.US Ukraine Hub: ukraine.welcome.us
    Welcome.US has launched today a central hub to connect anyone who wants to help efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries with the organizations on the ground who are providing real-time information and aid. Please use this resource, which will be updated continuously, and share it with your networks, teams, and online communities.
  • Support IOM, UNHCR, and Local NGO Efforts
    Financial contributions are urgently needed to support both the ongoing humanitarian response and longer-term economic restimulation both within Ukraine and in neighboring countries. The IOM is assisting internally displaced people within Ukraine as well as those fleeing the country, including vulnerable women and children. UNHCR is supporting refugees in neighboring countries and throughout the region by providing emergency cash assistance, supporting the welcome and integration of newcomers, and working to secure longer-term support systems for displaced people, including third country nationals who have fled Ukraine. Local community-based organizations are coordinating closely with local authorities and responding directly to needs in their communities. Donations are urgently needed to support this critical work. You can donate to support all of these efforts at the welcome.us Hub, including UNHCR and IOM.
  • Supporting Humanitarian Response to the Crisis in Ukraine: Episcopal Relief & Development is mobilizing with Anglican agencies and other partners in order to provide humanitarian assistance to people fleeing the violence in Ukraine. Working through the Action by Churches Together Alliance, Episcopal Relief & Development will provide blankets, hygiene supplies and other needed assistance. Please pray for all those affected. Donations can be made on the Episcopal Relief & Development website or by calling 1.855.312.4325. More information can be found on our website.
  • Shift the Narrative – Not just urgent need; long-term support
    Now is a moment for each of us to reflect on our collective humanity. Human life is precious, and the security we hold dear fragile. What’s happening now in Ukraine can happen to anyone, and has–to over 80 million people worldwide, displaced by conflict and crisis not of their choosing. The charge to all of us, across the whole of society, is to demonstrate our capacity and our willingness to welcome those seeking safety and refuge, and to provide what they need to rebuild and thrive.
  • Support the refugee resettlement program in the U.S. as we respond to the needs of refugees from around the world. Make a donation to Episcopal Migration Ministries to support the ongoing work of assisting individuals displaced from their home country and in need of resettlement.