News Digest: September 22, 2023

Articles 9/16/23, CBS News, U.S. border agents are separating migrant children from their parents to avoid overcrowding, inspector finds 9/17/23, Politico, [...]

News Digest: September 22, 20232023-09-21T17:35:06-05:00

News Digest: September 15, 2023

Articles 9/5/23, New Humanitarian, Reporter's diary: Bearing witness to the EU's migration policies at sea as deaths soar 9/8/23, Bismarck Tribute, [...]

News Digest: September 15, 20232023-09-15T17:02:07-05:00

News Digest: September 8, 2023

Articles 8/28/23, New Humanitarian, Flipping the narrative: What food ration cuts mean for Rohingya refugees 8/31/23, Texas Public Radio, Immigration process [...]

News Digest: September 8, 20232023-09-07T15:43:29-05:00

News Digest: September 1, 2023

Articles 8/22/23, Oklahoma Watch, Afghan refugee resettlement highlights inequities for all Oklahomans 8/22/23, FWD.US, Immigration can reverse rural population decline 8/25/23, [...]

News Digest: September 1, 20232023-08-31T14:39:30-05:00

News Digest: August 25, 2023

Articles 8/18/23, WGBH, Feds send almost $2 million to Massachusetts for migrant housing and transit 8/18/23, Reuters, US extends temporary protected [...]

News Digest: August 25, 20232023-08-24T15:14:26-05:00

News Digest: August 18, 2023

Articles 8/4/23, Guardian, 'Like traps meant for animals': death no deterrent at the Rio Grande river barrier 8/7/23, Reuters, Biden vowed [...]

News Digest: August 18, 20232023-08-17T16:07:47-05:00

News Digest: August 11, 2023

Articles 8/2/23, Migration Policy Institute, In the Twilight Zone: Record number of U.S. immigrants are in limbo statuses 8/3/23, ProPublica, Wisconsin [...]

News Digest: August 11, 20232023-08-10T15:35:20-05:00

News Digest: August 4, 2023

Articles 7/24/23, Welcoming America, Redefining the refugee resettlement experience in North Carolina 7/27/23, Wall Street Journal, Biden's new border rules don't [...]

News Digest: August 4, 20232023-08-03T16:30:35-05:00

News Digest: July 28, 2023

Articles 7/14/23, KALB, Immigrant who died in ICE detention last month had filed at least 29 grievances 7/20/23, New York Times, [...]

News Digest: July 28, 20232023-07-27T15:36:48-05:00

News Digest: July 21, 2023

Articles 7/5/23, The New Humanitarian, Eight Years Later: A Syrian Father's Search for Stability in Germany 7/14/23, Documented, Migrants find positive [...]

News Digest: July 21, 20232023-07-20T16:26:08-05:00
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