Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Death
Reflection by: “Ben”

In this station, let us reflect, think, meditate, and know that the condemnation of Jesus to death on the cross was for a course. Jesus is condemned to a death that he chose to die in order to save us. This is what I call a death of love. This is Jesus the Son of God, who died that we may live. 

All around the world, people are condemned to death because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Some become refugees. Refugees are people who migrate to another country from their country of origin due to war, famine, religious persecution, gang violence, or political unrest. They migrate here to seek refuge, protection, and a better life. Some of these refugees never planned on leaving their country. They never predicted or imagined that things would change for them drastically. But life is unpredictable. Persecution happens, war happens, and political unrest happens, all displacing people. 

I know this because I had to flee my country to save my life. I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslims in the northern part of Nigeria and was persecuted and threatened by Boko Haram for preaching the Gospel and doing charity work in the community. I came to the United States for protection. On arrival at the airport, I asked for asylum and was taken into detention, where I was imprisoned for over five years even though I never committed a crime. After searching for me, Boko Haram murdered some of my family members. 

Jesus told us in the Gospel of Matthew (25:31-46) to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked. The question I want every one of us to ask ourselves is, have I done what Jesus Christ commanded us all to do? Have I welcomed a stranger today? Have I fed a hungry person today? Have I visited a sick person or the prisoner? Have I welcomed a refugee? Have I cared for the needs of someone condemned to the death of love? 

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 “Ben” is a pastor, evangelist, and asylum seeker from Nigeria. He lives in the Southeast United States and continues to fight for his freedom.