11/5/20, Los Angeles Times: Latino voters tired of being taken for granted by baffled Democratic campaigns

11/5/20, Immigration Impact: Hundreds of Cubans Who Cannot Be Deported Face Prolonged Detention

11/5/20, Vice: ICE Attempts to Deport Multiple Witnesses in Gynecologic Surgery Scandal

11/4/20, KCET: Youth Activism in America: From Armbands and Walkouts to Bus Rides and Voter Drives that Would Shape Our Democracy

11/4/20, New Humanitarian: What’s being drowned out by the US election

11/4/20, Reuters: Cuban asylum seekers dismayed their compatriots boosted Trump in Florida

11/3/20, New York Times: Migrant Families Were Confused When U.S. Expelled Children Into Mexico

11/3/20, Oklahoman: Immigrants vote in their first presidential election

11/3/20, WABE: At Ponce City Market: Bombchel, A West African Clothing Store, Employs Refugees Living In Atlanta

11/3/20, Washington Post: ‘We have to understand the motivation for why people hate,’ says former neo-Nazi leader

11/2/20, New York Times: Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule Is Vacated by Federal Judge

11/2/20, New York Times: Hundreds Die at Sea Off Senegal’s Coast on a Perilous Route to Europe

11/1/20, Intercept: Across the U.S., Trump Used ICE to Crack Down on Immigration Activists

10/28/20, Washington Post magazine: How Religion Can Help Put Our Democracy Back Together


11/7/20, Houston Chronicle: Opinion: As a former refugee, I pray for our unity because I know how easily it is lost

11/7/20, New York Times: Stephen Miller Will Have Some Free Time Soon

11/6/20, USA Today: Why activists for police, immigration reform need to focus on policies, not presidents

11/5/20, Seattle Times: In a flailing economy, immigration and financial inclusion benefit us all

11/2/20, Time: The U.S. Separated Families Decades Ago, Too. With 545 Migrant Children Missing Their Parents, That Moment Holds a Key Lesson

11/2/20, Chapelboro: Viewpoints: The Urgency of the Refugee Crisis

11/1/20, Bulwark: Untangling Faith and Love of Country

Policy Resources

MPI report: Mexican Immigrants in the United States

Refugee Studies Centre: Now online, Forced Migration Review 65 on Recognising Refugees and the GP20 Plan of Action


Guardian: Streaming: films about the refugee crisis

Educational Resources & Opportunities

American Immigration Council webinar: The State of Immigration After the 2020 Election: What’s Next?

There have been over 900 changes to the U.S. immigration system over the past 4 years. Join the American Immigration Council for a virtual panel discussion on the top immigration issues that will be addressed within the first 100 days, and what issues will take longer, and what issues may not change at all. Tue, Nov 10, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

CMS symposium: Migration Research, Scholarship, and Policy at a Time of Multiple Crises

The annual academic and policy conference of the Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) will examine migration scholarship and policy at a time of multiple crises for migrants, refugees and their communities. These crises include the COVID-19 pandemic and related policies, its disastrous economic fall-out, and the deep social inequalities it has exposed and exacerbated. Other relevant crises include systemic racial injustice, as highlighted by the demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police, the ravages of climate change, rising exclusionary nationalism, the crisis in refugee protection and migration governance, and US immigration and refugee policies under the Trump administration. The symposium is free to attend and will take place virtually. Advance registration is required. November 10, 2020 10:00 am-4:00 pm Eastern Time.

National Immigration Forum: Leading the Way: An American Approach to Immigration

Leading the Way is a multi-day convening that brings influential speakers from a variety of backgrounds to engage in critical conversations about one of the most pressing challenges our country faces—immigration. Join us from 3 to 5 p.m. ET daily on November 16 through 19!

ASTHO webinar: Leading through Crisis—The Importance of Mindset, Self-Care, and Leader Resilience

During this uplifting session, Dr. Marissa Levine will draw on her 16 years of state government service and expertise in leadership to share the important role of mindset, self-care, and resilience with public health professionals leading during the COVID-19 Pandemic. November 18, 2020, 4-4:45 p.m. ET.