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10/29/20, New York Times: Trump’s Hard-Line Immigration Policies Go Before Voters

10/29/20, Immigration Impact: The Government Wants Immigrants to Show Up for Court—But Neglects to Tell Them How to Attend Their Hearings

10/29/20, CNN: ‘We had a shortage last night of beds for babies’: House report outlines chaos of Trump administration’s family separation policy

10/29/20, NPR: Democratic Lawmakers Denounce DHS ‘Ad Hoc’ Migrant Deportations In Guatemala

10/29/20, KQED: ‘Immigration Is a Gateway Issue’ — and the Contrast Between Trump and Biden Is Stark

10/29/20, BuzzFeed News: US Border Officials Told Asylum-Seekers They Didn’t Have Space, Regardless Of Whether They Actually Did

10/29/20, BuzzFeed News: More Than 40 Immigrants Have Died In ICE Custody In The Past Four Years. Here Are Thousands Of Records About What Happened.

10/28/20, ProPublica: Trump Got What He Wanted at the Border. Would Biden Undo It?

10/28/20, BuzzFeed News: Border Officials Turned Away Unaccompanied Immigrant Children More Than 13,000 Times Under Trump’s Pandemic Policy

10/28/20, Immigration Impact: The Value of Pro Bono Legal Services in Immigration Detention

10/27/20, Intercept: Number of Women Alleging Misconduct by ICE Gynecologist Nearly Triples

10/27/20, Texas Tribune and ProPublica: Records show Trump’s border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts

10/27/20, Forbes: Federal Judge Forces ICE To Release Over 250 Detainees From A Southern California Detention Center

10/27/20, Chicago Sun-Times: Shut out of DACA protections, immigrant youth in Chicago area face uncertain future

10/27/20, Atlantic: How the ‘African Ban’ Ripped a Family Apart

10/26/20, AP: Under Trump, US no longer leads world on refugee protections


11/1/20, Guardian: Compassion, not ‘deterrence’, should inform Britain’s asylum policy

10/29/20, Washington Post: Trump didn’t build his border wall with steel. He built it out of paper.

10/28/20, WBUR: The U.S. Immigration System Was Already Cruel. Trump Made It So Much Worse

10/27/20, Boston Globe: Immigration policy is on the ballot. If voters don’t decide, the conservative Supreme Court will

10/27/20, Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald: I’m a pastor who went to the border. Here’s what I saw

10/26/20, Baltimore Sun: Family separation of migrant children allowed U.S. government to ‘traffic in kidnapping’ | COMMENTARY

10/26/20, Chicago Tribune: Commentary: The Latino and immigrant vote has been mobilized by years of GOP nativism

Policy Resources

MPI report: Navigating the Future of Work: The Role of Immigrant-Origin Workers in the Changing U.S. Economy

MPI policy brief: Rethinking the U.S.-Mexico Border Immigration Enforcement System: A Policy Road Map


KPBS (podcast): Port of Entry

Washington Post (video): How Congress could change if undocumented immigrants are removed from the 2020 Census

This American Life (podcast): The People Up the Stairs

Guardian (game): Have Your Passport Ready review – step inside the asylum system

Educational Resources & Opportunities

Immigrant Learning Center webinar: Pandemic, Politics and the Future: Tackling Immigrant Anxiety and Trauma

Even in these stressful times for all, immigrants and refugees are under particular hardship. Increased enforcement, economic uncertainty, immigration restrictions and overrepresentation in essential jobs during a pandemic have put immigrants at unique risk for anxiety, stress and trauma. Join experts in psychology, social work and policy for the free webinar Pandemic, Politics and the Future: Tackling Immigrant Anxiety and Trauma on Thursday, November 12, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST.
In this historic and urgent year, join us to power our New American Dreams forward and ensure that the voices, concerns and visions of immigrant and refugee communities are front and center as the country emerges from the pandemic, the November elections, and begins the critical work of rebuilding our country and economy. Covid is still surging across the country and disproportionately impacting Black and Brown communities – on the frontlines, and suffering health and economic impacts. The urgent issues facing immigrant and refugee communities continue to compound every day. Our work and our communities can’t wait for a vaccine, so NIIC 2020 is going fully virtual! Join us online from wherever you are December 8-9, 2020!