Episcopal Church statement on Texas Gov. Abbott’s decision to reject refugee resettlement


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1/9/20, Idaho State Journal: Sen. Guthrie plans bill to enable undocumented aliens to earn driving privileges

Feb. 2020, Reason: Indian Immigrants Are Saving Canadian Hockey


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1/12/20, Los Angeles Times: Op-Ed: California’s first attempt to pass anti-immigrant laws dates back to the Gold Rush


1/14/20, CATO Institute: Immigrant and Native Consumption of Means‐​Tested Welfare and Entitlement Benefits in 2016: Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation

“Native-born Americans consume, on an average per capita basis, more welfare and entitlement benefits than immigrants. The dollar differences are most pronounced for the entitlement programs of Medicare and Social Security benefits, which are the two largest programs in the American welfare state. The largest percentage difference in per capita welfare consumption is between working-age immigrants and working-age native-born Americans. Although immigrants, on a per capita basis, consume more Medicaid and SSI than native-born Americans, those are the exceptions.”

January 2020, Migration Policy Institute: Rebuilding Community after Crisis: Striking a New Social Contract for Diverse Societies (Transatlantic Council Statement)

This Transatlantic Council on Migration report, which concludes a research series on rebuilding community after crisis, explores how unplanned migration spikes have unsettled the main institutions of liberal democracies and exposed the limits of integration strategies that are leaving many newcomers struggling to find their place in highly organized labor markets and skill-intensive economies.