In 2018, people across the U.S. came out in protest of family separations, forcing the Trump administration to end this cruel policy. By July 2018, the federal government was supposed to have reunited all separated parents and children, but five years later, hundreds of families remain separated, and countless others are still dealing with the trauma that their separation caused. Listen to the story of Leticia, a mother from Guatemala whose son was taken from her after she requested asylum in the U.S., as she recounts their experience of this inhumane policy.  

Although the Biden administration in 2021 created a task force to reunite separated families, the administration is nonetheless defending the family separation policy in court: negotiations over the compensation due to the families for the suffering caused have broken down, and the Biden administration has chosen to take aggressive litigation tactics against the impacted families who are suing for justice. Learn more about the complex negotiations over what “justice” for families impacted by separation may look like, and the Families Belong Together campaign led by the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP), through these sources: