God of the taxi cabs

By: Allison Duvall, Manager for Church Relations and Engagement I regularly find God in taxi cabs. Whenever I travel for work, usually [...]

God of the taxi cabs2019-02-13T16:17:20-06:00

Vote Faithfully: Our Guests

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Vote Faithfully podcast episode, check out our interview with Alan Yarborough and [...]

Vote Faithfully: Our Guests2020-02-17T11:07:03-06:00

Vote Faithfully

Today on Hometown, Kendall and Allison speak with colleagues Alan Yarborough, from The Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations, and Ashley Coleman, [...]

Vote Faithfully2020-02-17T11:07:24-06:00


Why We’re Called to #Pray4Refugees We live in a time when an unprecedented 68.5 million people are displaced around the world, including [...]


Love is the Way: Vigil at Detention Center

This morning, staff from Episcopal Migration Ministries gathered with hundreds of Episcopalians at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center, a for-profit facility [...]

Love is the Way: Vigil at Detention Center2020-02-17T11:09:08-06:00

Holy Week Action Alert

SPECIAL: Check out this special bonus episode of the Hometown podcast featuring an action alert from Lacy Broemel, Refugee and Immigration Policy Advisor [...]

Holy Week Action Alert2018-03-29T09:48:12-05:00

Introduction to HomeTown

Join Allison Duvall and Kendall Martin of Episcopal Migration Ministries, the refugee resettlement ministry of the Episcopal Church, for an introduction to [...]

Introduction to HomeTown2018-02-09T15:19:12-06:00