Members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Middleburg, Virginia, found a way to contribute to the ministry of Episcopal Migration Ministries by recognizing the individual blessings in their lives. During the season of Lent and Easter, sixteen parishioners created mite boxes and added a coin each time they perceived a blessing. The parishioners were inspired by the tradition of the mite box as a tangible way of giving thanks. The tradition of the mite box is a response to the story of “The Widow’s Offering” in Mark 12 and Luke 21.  The widow’s small offering is recognized by Jesus as a great offering and sacrifice.

In recognition of Episcopal Migration Ministries as a symbol of the best of what we do as the people of God, Emmanuel parishioners recognize that offering welcome and care for those who are migrating in the hopes of a better for life for themselves and the people they love is God’s work. The mite boxes also served as a means to raise awareness of the many blessings we have and how we wish them to be shared with others. As The Rev. Gene LeCouteur remarked, “God’s love is boundless. The more we share it, the more that we have to share.”

We give thanks for the financial gifts and support of Emmanuel Episcopal Church!