Anonymous Donor Seeks to Bring Smiles—Requests Invited 

Recently, an individual reached out to The Episcopal Church’s Office of Development with a question. While they were watching the horror unfold on TV in Afghanistan, they were particularly struck by the images of children and young adults with visible trauma and sadness on their faces. They knew that many agencies were working to provide the life-saving basics of food, water, shelter, etc., but said they were wondering about items left behind that might bring them comfort during the incomprehensible experience—a doll, a favorite blanket, or book. They wanted to know how or who might help them find joy as they began their new life in the U.S. and wished to provide a fund specifically for “items that bring joy” and might help bring some little comfort, joy, or stability.

Through the generosity of this Anonymous donor, we invite you to make inquiries with those Afghan families and individuals whom you’re supporting. Items for young children up to young adults (aged 25) are eligible and encouraged to submit for reimbursement.  Example include:

  • Toys, stuffed animals, games, coloring kits for children as tools to work through evacuation trauma Clothing including seasonal outwear, shoes, boots
  • Laptops, fees for school enrollment/extracurriculars, registration fees, books, book bags, school supplies, uniforms, etc.
  • One-time, Short-term rental and utility assistance
  • Other miscellaneous and sundry items

Contact Kendall Martin, [email protected], for questions or assistance. To support the ministry of welcome, make a gift to Episcopal Migration Ministries. With your help, we will continue to welcome and resettle refugees in communities across the country, offer support to asylum seekers, and create beloved community for all of our immigrant siblings. Visit be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we are @emmrefugees.