News Digest: September 19, 2022

Articles 9/18/22, AP, New model to enlist regular Americans to resettle refugees 9/18/22, Voice of America, Pastor-led Group Seeks Missing Migrants [...]

News Digest: September 19, 20222022-09-19T09:16:20-05:00

News Digest: September 12, 2022

Articles 9/12/22, UNHCR, Sudanese refugees in Chad face challenges to deliver education 9/12/22, ABC, Bangladesh leader: Prolonged Rohingya stay impacts stability [...]

News Digest: September 12, 20222022-09-12T08:44:42-05:00

News Digest: September 7, 2022

Articles 9/5/22, The New York Times, Ukrainians in Rural Ireland Piece Together New Lives, Step by Step 9/5/22, The Washington Post, [...]

News Digest: September 7, 20222022-09-07T08:51:25-05:00

News Digest: August 29, 2022

Articles 8/28/22, The New Yorker, Trying to Find Places for Asylum Seekers in New York City’s Homeless Shelters 8/27/22, USA Today, [...]

News Digest: August 29, 20222022-08-28T11:21:18-05:00

News Digest: August 23, 2022

Articles 8/22/22, AP, ‘Time stopped’: Ukrainians long to go home as war drags on 8/22/22, Spectrum News, Afghan refugee still adjusting [...]

News Digest: August 23, 20222022-08-22T10:36:07-05:00

News Digest: August 16, 2022

Articles 8/15/22, Los Angeles Times, First confusion, and finally some relief, as ‘Remain in Mexico’ begins to wind down in San [...]

News Digest: August 16, 20222022-08-15T15:17:11-05:00

News Digest: August 8, 2022

Articles 8/8/22, Newsweek, Afghan Refugee Resettlement Falters as U.S. and UK Renege on Promises 8/8/22, Aljazeera, Bangladesh asks China for help [...]

News Digest: August 8, 20222022-08-08T09:47:22-05:00

News Digest: July 26, 2022

Articles 7/25/22, The Guardian, Diabetes and high blood pressure: why are ‘urban’ diseases affecting refugees? 7/25/22, KSDK, St. Louis plans to [...]

News Digest: July 26, 20222022-07-25T14:05:15-05:00

News Digest: July 20, 2022

Articles 7/19/22, UN News, Voluntary repatriation of refugees from Angola to DR Congo resumes 7/19/22, The Guardian, Standing up for asylum [...]

News Digest: July 20, 20222022-07-19T13:22:46-05:00

News Digest: July 12, 2022

Articles 7/12/22, Amnesty, Facts and figures: Gender-based violence against Venezuelan refugee women in Colombia and Peru 7/11/22, Capradio, As California Welcomes [...]

News Digest: July 12, 20222022-07-12T09:52:44-05:00
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