In the face of the largest refugee crisis since World War II, what are we to do – as people of faith, as followers of Jesus? How do we support, stand in solidarity with, and lift up the incredible strength, resilience, skills, and contributions of our refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters?

EMM is proud to announce the February 28 launch of Partners in Welcome, a new program devoted to these questions and to discerning answers in community. Partners in Welcome is a network of individuals, congregations, and organizations coming together to build a community of support and solidarity for welcoming and integrating newcomers them into the fabric of our country.

You are invited to join Partners in Welcome
. Membership is free and open to all – members of The Episcopal Church, individuals and organizations, ecumenical, interfaith, and other partners, newcomers, experts, practitioners, learners, and supporters.

Prospective members submit an application to join. Once EMM reviews and approves the application, members enjoy these benefits:

  • Access to Partners in Welcome member site, including resource library, discussion forum, live and recorded webinars
  • EMM staff and network support for local ministry discernment and development
  • Access to the Partners in Welcome member network
  • A calendar of events with regularly scheduled training and continuing education opportunities
Partners in Welcome members engage in the work of refugee and immigrant welcome in a variety of ways in their local communities, from direct service, to advocacy, education, building community partnerships, and more. They come together to share best practices, to learn from and support one another. They collaborate, create, pray, and act.

Whether you are a learner just beginning to discern how to take part in the ministry of welcome, an immigrant or former refugee, a practitioner or expert, Partners in Welcome is for you. Join today.