Hometown is a podcast from Episcopal Migration Ministries and is part of the Good Book Club.  This week’s Good Book Club scripture readings: Luke 11:14-Luke 14

We don’t have a scripture reflection on the podcast this week, but that gives us an opportunity to include you in Hometown! We have a few openings for reflection authors – this week, week 6 and week 15 – which is Pentecost Sunday!

Would you author a reflection for us?

Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your reflection – either in comments on our posts or by direct message! We may even end up featuring you on our blog! If you’re interested – reach out to us! We’d love to hear your story about how your faith calls you to welcome refugees.

On this week’s episode, we continue our conversation with The Rev. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa, Th.D., on his life, ministry, his work with refugees and asylum-seekers, and the meaning of “home.”

Jean Baptiste is the author of “Overcoming Cycles of Violence in Rwanda:  Ethical Leadership and Ethnic Justice.” We encourage you to check out last week’s episode, when we spoke with Jean Baptiste about his book and the history of Rwanda.

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Our theme song was composed and recorded by Abraham Mwinda Ikando. Find his music at www.abrahammwindamusic.com


Hometown is a podcast from Episcopal Migration Ministries and is part of the Good Book Club.

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