News Digest: February 13, 2023

Articles 2/13/23, Forbes, Regardless Of Price, Bitcoin Is A Lifeline For Eritrean Refugees 2/13/23, Reuters, Turkey won't allow new Syrian refugee [...]

News Digest: February 13, 20232023-02-13T09:30:35-06:00

News Digest: February 6, 2023

Articles 2/6/23, Missoula Current, Without immigration courts, Montana tough for immigrants to build new life 2/5/23, The Wall Street Journal, More [...]

News Digest: February 6, 20232023-02-06T09:14:35-06:00

News Digest: January 31, 2023

Articles 1/31/23, NBC News, Large majorities support immigration policies stuck in limbo for a decade 1/31/23, CBS News, Asylum seekers refusing [...]

News Digest: January 31, 20232023-01-31T08:23:46-06:00

News Digest: January 24, 2023

Articles 1/23/23, Star Beacon, A Connecticut veteran is evacuating Afghanistan refugees more than year after headlines faded away 1/22/23, WTKR, Community [...]

News Digest: January 24, 20232023-01-23T10:25:15-06:00

News Digest: January 18, 2023

Articles 1/17/23, Aljazeera, NGOs lament ‘human cost’ of Italy’s push to curb refugee arrivals 1/17/23, Wired, Big Tech’s Layoffs Highlight How [...]

News Digest: January 18, 20232023-01-17T10:56:44-06:00

News Digest: January 10, 2023

Articles 1/9/23, CBS News, Colorado stops sending migrants to Chicago and New York 1/9/23, AP News, Border pressures migrate north as [...]

News Digest: January 10, 20232023-01-09T13:00:51-06:00

News Digest: January 4, 2023

Articles 1/3/23, Des Moines Register, With a cleaning business and a new nonprofit, Lilian Okech strives to help female refugees 1/3/23, [...]

News Digest: January 4, 20232023-01-03T16:16:00-06:00

News Digest: December 14, 2022

Articles 12/13/22, Salem Reporter, Former refugee provides support to Salem’s newest families 12/13/22, ASU, ASU program helps refugee communities navigate US [...]

News Digest: December 14, 20222022-12-13T15:13:30-06:00

News Digest: December 7, 2022

Articles 12/6/22, Tacoma Weekly, Art tells stories of refugees 12/6/22, UN News, Drought, conflict force 80,000 Somalis to shelter in Kenya’s [...]

News Digest: December 7, 20222022-12-07T10:00:21-06:00

News Digest: November 28, 2022

Articles 11/28/22, VOA, UNHCR Urges Malawi Against Forcing Refugees Return to Overcrowded Camp 11/27/22, Simple Flying, Meet The Man Who Flies [...]

News Digest: November 28, 20222022-11-28T09:59:32-06:00
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