St. Luke’s North Park

Located in the vibrant city of San Diego, St. Luke’s North Park is a congregation that believes in welcoming newcomers and extending radical hospitality. Over the course of the last fifteen years, the congregation of St. Luke’s North Park has served as one of the primary cultural centers for South Sudanese Americans in the city, and more recently, for Congolese refugees. They are also proud partners with RefugeeNet and the International Rescue Committee on an urban farming and commercial kitchen project.

In partnership with the IRC and the North Park Community, St. Luke’s North Park is engaged in an initiative called Pop on 30th. This initiative includes a sustainable urban farm run by City Heights high school students through a pain IRC internship program. Through fundraising efforts, a nonprofit commercial kitchen has been built at St. Luke’s North Park for Project CHOP, a job-training social enterprise run by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) that gives many refugee women access to their first real job outside of the home. The IRC will use this kitchen to expand services to serve even more refugee and immigrant individuals with culinary arts training and food entrepreneurship classes. The final vision of Pop on 30th features an outdoor cafe and cultural arts space that brings the produce of the farm, the products of the kitchen, and the people of North Park together.