Reflection on the Seventh Station
By Abraham Mwinda

It’s so comforting to know that our Lord Jesus can relate directly to my story. It sure has not been an easy journey to get to where I am today. It’s felt like a long walk with a big cross on my back. There are days when my spirit was so exhausted to hope or keep moving. In moments like that, prayer kept me going. How beautiful it is to know that my prayers were going straight to my Heavenly Father who fully understands me and knows exactly how I felt.

I think about Jesus’s walk to the cross. Everything he did in his ministry was leading up to this moment. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy but he knew the victory that was on the other side for the people that he loved the most. Because of this he endured the cross. What a hope to know. This hope carried me in the dark days. On days when I was weak, I was able to be gracious towards myself and not beat myself up when I remembered that the walk was tough for Christ too; he fell along the way. Just like Simeon of Cyrene was able to help carry the cross, I can rely on Him to help me carry my burdens when they get heavy.

Abraham Mwinda is a Congolese-born, Kenyan-raised singer and songwriter based in San Diego, California. His lyrics are birthed from life experience and real-life daily conversations with himself and others. His rhythms come from a rich home culture; his creativity that draws each listener to see a bit of their own story in every song.

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