Preparing to Welcome

In this section you will find a variety of resources that will help you prepare to welcome refugee newcomers. You will find an overview of the required services to be delivered, a helpful list of acronyms, things to take into consideration when finding and furnishing housing, helpful tips for setting clear boundaries, and a look ahead to the required trainings for your team leads. Feel free to reach out to EMM with any questions that you may have on any of these documents.

  • RPCP Core Services Overview: This document provides an overview of the kinds of activities you will engage in as you welcome and support the newcomer(s). EMM will train your team on these.

  • Refugee Resettlement Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms: A helpful glossary to navigate the “alphabet soup” of resettlement

  • Housing Considerations: These documents outline the programmatic requirements for refugee newcomer housing. Please refer to these as you begin to think about your local housing options.

  • Setting Boundaries with Clients: While your relationship with the newcomers will evolve over time – hopefully becoming a warm neighborly relationship – during their first 90 days in the country, it is important to remember that your RPCP team is the service provider and the newcomers are your clients. Setting Boundaries with Clients from the Refugee Welcome Collective provides guidance to help you set appropriate boundaries with the newcomers to ensure they are set up for independence and self-sufficiency, and your team members avoid burn-out and over-functioning.

  • List of Reception & Placement Trainings for RPCP Team Leads: Reception & Placement (R&P) is the federally-funded program that provides support and services to refugees for their first 30-90 days after arrival. EMM is one of the 10 resettlement agencies that administers the R&P program with affiliates and RPCP Teams. Your RPCP Team will carry-out the R&P program locally, providing R&P services to the newcomer(s) following EMM’s guidance and standards. This list gives you a look ahead to the required trainings for Team Leads.