9/19/20, New York Times: Overlooked No More: Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, Suffragist With a Distinction

9/19/20, Guardian: Home Office plans to evict thousands of refused asylum seekers

9/18/20, New York Times: After Fire at Refugee Camp, Europe Faces a Reckoning

9/18/20, Washington Post: Migrant detention centers have a long history of medical neglect and abuse

9/17/20, New Humanitarian: For Rohingya refugees, patchwork justice leaves crimes unpunished

9/17/20, Washington Post: ICE arrested an undocumented immigrant on church grounds. They lied to coax him out, family and attorney say.

9/17/20, New York Times: I’m a Muslim and Arab American. Will I Ever Be an Equal Citizen?

9/17/20, Equal Times: “You don’t ask for power, you grab it!” – in Paris, migrant housekeeping staff are taking on a hotel giant

9/17/20, Popular Info: Private neglect

9/16/20, New York Times: Inquiry Ordered Into Claims Immigrants Had Unwanted Gynecology Procedures

9/16/20, Chronicle of Philanthropy: Philanthropy’s Long, Complicated Involvement in Immigration

9/15/20, Reuters: U.S. watchdog to investigate whistleblower’s detention allegations

9/15/20, Refinery29: I Grew Up Latinx & Disabled — & I’m Creating The Change I Want To See

9/15/20, New York Times: How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

9/15/20, New York Times: How a Million Refugees Became Postwar Pawns of the Allies

9/15/20, NPR: She Can’t Vote Herself, But This DACA Recipient Is Working To Register Others

9/15/20, Bridge Michigan: Trump demonizes refugees. Biden wants more. Whose plan will Michigan back?

9/15/20, CBN News: Time Is Running Out: Deadline Approaches for US to Decide How Many Refugees It Will Accept

9/15/20, Texas Tribune and ProPublica: ICE deported a key witness in investigation of sexual assault and harassment at El Paso detention center

9/15/20, Nashville Scene: New Mayor’s Office Staffer to Focus on COVID, Census

9/14/20, Politico: Appeals court OKs Trump plan to end protected immigration status for 4 countries

9/14/20, Law and Crime (updated 9/18/20): ‘Like an Experimental Concentration Camp’: Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

9/14/20, Intercept: “A Silent Pandemic”: Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers

9/14/20, Crosscut: Migrant workers leave WA farms, risking poverty instead of coronavirus


9/20/20, New York Times: ‘White Australia’ Policy Lives On in Immigrant Detention

9/18/20, Guardian: US-led wars have displaced 37m people. America should accept responsibility

9/17/20, New Humanitarian: Don’t blame refugees for the Moria fires, blame EU policy

9/16/20, Houston Chronicle: Opinion: I’m a retired Marine. Don’t exclude me from CARES Act because I married a non-citizen.

9/16/20, Guardian: Brutality against migrants has become normal on the EU’s lawless borders

9/15/20, Courier-Journal: Opinion: Immigrants like my family have Louisville’s back. Don’t turn your back on us

Policy Resources

MPI policy brief: Venezuelan Migration, Crime, and Misperceptions: A Review of Data from Colombia, Peru, and Chile

MPI article: College-Educated Immigrants in the United States

American Immigration Council fact sheet: Why Don’t Immigrants Apply for Citizenship?


9/14/20, The Daily (podcast): Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

MPI webinar recording: The U.S. Immigration Policymaker-in-Chief: The Long History of Executive Authority over Immigration

Educational Resources & Opportunities

Project South webinar: Building a Movement Against Imperialism and White Supremacy

This is a quarterly webinar by Project South where we connect local to global struggles against racism, Islamophobia, inequality, and other forms of oppression. Our September 2020 webinar will discuss connections between white supremacy and imperialism; and will draw lessons from the antiwar movement. We will reflect on lessons from US-led wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Sep 24, 2020 12:00 PM, Eastern.

American Immigration Council webinar: Immigration and the Military: Fighting for Justice

Please join the American Immigration Council and our partner, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as we discuss the impact of immigration policies on military service members and their families, common immigration legal needs of military families, and how their Military Assistance Program (MAP) volunteer attorneys fill this gap. September 24, 2020 – 3:00 PM EST.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia webinar: Talking About PTSD: Improving Communication and Care for Refugee Patients

Join us on Tuesday, September 29 at 3 p.m. EST for “Talking About PTSD: Improving Communication and Care for Refugee Patients,” a webinar with mental health experts, medical interpreters, refugee community leaders, and refugee health care providers who will discuss the challenges of communicating mental health treatment options across language and cultural differences and how new resources can help foster better communication between clinicians, professional medical interpreters, and refugee patients.

Minnesota Human Right Lab webinar: Gender, Human Rights, and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic creates a perfect storm for exacerbating gender-based violence and discrimination. In every area—from employment to school closures to domestic violence to health outcomes—we see evidence of disproportionately negative impacts based on gender. These negative impacts are compounded by intersecting inequalities, including on the basis of race, socioeconomic status, disability, age, geographic location and sexual orientation, among others. Pandemic preparedness and response efforts must better understand these intersectional gender dimensions to avoid further widening inequalities. Sep 30, 2020 01:00 PM Central.