9/20/21, The Washington Post, “We were them:” Vietnamese Americans help Afghan refugees

9/20/21, California News Times, Doctor treating Afghan refugees from same region she escaped

9/19/21, The Hill, Senate parliamentarian nixes Democrats’ immigration plan

9/19/21, Financial Times, US steps up deportation of Haitian refugees from Texas camp

9/19/21, WGRZ, Refugees are the focus of unique Buffalo plant sale

9/19/21, Spectrum News, Veteran volunteers to sort donations to give back to Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy

9/18/21, CNN, ‘We’re here to help you.’ What Afghan Americans want refugees fleeing the Taliban to know

9/17/21, Los Angeles Times, Biden administration appeals order to stop expelling migrants under health law

9/17/21, UNHCR, UNHCR warns of dire consequences for refugees from COVID-19 underfunding

9/17/21, Tennessean, Gov. Bill Lee urges ‘full transparency’ from feds as Tennessee receives 415 Afghan refugees