9/12/20, ABC6 News (NY): Local refugee shares his story amid start of Welcoming Week

9/12/20, New York Times: After a Pandemic Pause, ICE Resumes Deportation Arrests

9/12/20, Guardian: ‘I need freedom’: refugees approved for resettlement stranded on Nauru as processing stalls

9/11/20, New York Times: The Secret History of America’s Only WWII Refugee Camp

9/11/20, Washington Post: ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to D.C. protests. A huge coronavirus outbreak followed.

9/11/20, Immigration Impact: Welcoming Week 2020 Encourages Everyone in America to Create Home Together

9/11/20, Newsweek: Trump Admin Formalizes ‘Orwellian’ Proposal Forcing Immigrants to Submit DNA, Eye Scans

9/10/20, New York Times: A Director Turns an Immigrant Into a Modern-Day Jesus

9/10/20, New York Times: Pandemic Collides With Europe’s Migrant Crisis to Set Off a Calamity in Greece

9/10/20, NPR: Court Blocks Trump’s Attempt To Change Who Counts For Allocating House Seats

9/10/20, Reuters: Trump and Biden take sharply different paths on immigration

9/10/20, Newsweek: Should Undocumented Immigrants Receive Stimulus Checks? Trump Says No, Vermont Says Yes

9/10/20, Reuters: A migrant mother saw her disabled son walk into the U.S. Then he disappeared

9/9/20, New York Times: Fire Destroys Most of Europe’s Largest Refugee Camp, on Greek Island of Lesbos

9/9/20, NBC News: Whistleblower says top DHS officials distorted intel to match Trump statements, lied to Congress

9/9/20, Guardian: Conflicts since start of US ‘war on terror’ have displaced 37m people – report

9/9/20, Guardian: ‘It’s like opening up a wound to let it heal’: the sisters giving war refugees a voice

9/8/20, Forbes: Top Legal Scholar: Trump Team Radically Restricted Immigration

9/8/20, Law360: Trump Admin. Finalizes Virus Immigration Restriction Rule

9/8/20, AP: Report: Immigration detention center should release inmates

9/8/20, Politico: Harvest of shame: Farmworkers face coronavirus disaster

9/8/20, NY Review of Books: The Hunger Strikers of Pine Prairie Protesting Indefinite Detention by ICE

9/7/20, Boston Globe: Nonprofit offers online help, and hope, to low-income immigrants

9/5/20, AP: Refugee Families Face Unique Struggles With Online School


9/13/20, Guardian: The Observer view on the EU’s refugee crisis

9/13/20, Guardian: Moria’s only success has been to turn inhumanity into policy

9/9/20, LancasterOnline editorial board: Higher citizenship costs, a fee on asylum-seekers — so much for Reagan’s ‘shining city on a hill’ [editorial]

Policy Resources

MPI commentary: Greece’s Moria Tragedy: The Crash Test for the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum


Only in America (podcast): Racial Justice and Immigration: Adbi Nor Iftin

Educational Resources & Opportunities

CMS webinar: The President and Immigration Law

In a groundbreaking new book, The President and Immigration Law, Adam Cox and Cristina M. Rodriguez show how, over the course of two centuries, the president became the US immigration policymaker-in-chief. They examine how the Executive’s ordinary power to decide when to enforce the law, and against whom, has become an extraordinarily powerful vehicle for making immigration policy. Finally, they offer a blueprint for reform that accepts the role of the president in shaping the national community, while outlining strategies to curb the abuse of law enforcement in immigration and beyond. Sep 16, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern.

We Are America webinar series: Mobilize the Refugee Vote

  • Tools and Resources, 9/16/20, 8:00pm Eastern. Register.
  • Fighting Suppression and Empowering New American Voters, 9/23/20, 8:00pm Eastern. Register.
  • Voting During COVID-19: From the Polls to Vote-by-Mail, 9/30/20, 8:00pm Eastern. Register.
  • Beyond Election Day: Building the Movement for Refugee Power, 10/7/20, 8:00pm Eastern. Register.

NIHCM webinar: Systemic Racism, Disparities and Health: The Impact of COVID-19 on Latino Health

The second part in our Stopping the Other Pandemic: Systemic Racism and Health series, this webinar will highlight effective strategies to address the negative impact that systemic racism, the challenges of immigration, language barriers and other factors have on the health and well-being of Latinos. Experts will share actionable, solutions-based approaches that can make a difference at the state and community level. September 23, 2020 | 01:00 PM-02:00 PM ET.

How do seemingly unrelated but overwhelming global events connect to create complex trauma? How do we reckon with systemic racism, health disparities, COVID-19, and the unprecedented social and economic stress impacting individuals, families, and communities across cultures, generations, genders, and racial groups? Join us to learn about the tools for supporting individuals as they develop healing and resiliency around complex trauma. Oct 8, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern.