8/8/19, CNN: 680 undocumented workers arrested in record-setting immigration sweep on the first day of school

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8/8/19, New York Times: Mississippi ICE Raids Left Children Without Parents. Their Neighbors Rallied.

8/8/19, The Guardian: ‘We are human beings too’: migrant-led walking tours tackle hate in Italian cities

8/6/19, The Detroit News: Fearing deportation, Iraqi refugees cut tethers

8/7/19, El Paso Times: Protesters gather at Washington Park ahead of Trump’s El Paso visit to shooting victims

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8/5/19, Daily Beast: Mourners Chant ‘El Paso Strong’ in a Texas City That Won’t Be Divided

8/5/19, New York Times: Colombia Offers Citizenship to 24,000 Children of Venezuelan Refugees

8/4/19, Wall Street Journal: Some Churches Offer Refuge From Deportation With ‘Sacred Resisting’

8/4/19, The Guardian: ‘The land where we lived has gone’ – the life story of a Rohingya refugee

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8/3/19, MSNBC: National Cathedral faith leaders discuss rebuke of Trump (video)

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8/2/19, Religious News Service: Christian leaders condemn Christian nationalism in new letter

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/2/19, Human Rights Watch: US: Bill Would Shut Doors to Central Americans


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8/7/19, New York Times: Trump Has Dragged Us Into the Gutter

8/1/19, Maryland Independent (Letter to the Editor): We must do better in helping immigrants at our southern border


8/2/19, Migration Policy Institute: From Control to Crisis: MPI Report Sketches Factors Behind U.S.-Mexico Border Crisis & Outlines Key Elements for New Strategy