8/27/20, USA Today: Undocumented in Pennsylvania: An immigration activist stays defiant despite Trump policies

8/26/20, New York Times: Trump Takes Night Off From Anti-Immigrant Talk to Swear In U.S. Citizens

8/26/20, New York Times: Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant ‘Heat Ray’ Ahead of Midterms

8/26/20, Border Report: Legal limbo brings anxiety, stress to asylum seekers riding out pandemic in Mexico

8/25/20, CBS News: USCIS abandons mass employee furloughs that would’ve crippled immigration system

8/25/20, Guardian: ‘We risk our lives for our patients’: the US immigrant doctors dying of Covid

8/25/20, Immigration Impact: Department of Justice Proposes New Limit to the Board of Immigration Appeals’ Power

8/25/20, Slate: How One of Mexico’s Largest Migrant Camps Has Avoided a COVID-19 Outbreak

8/25/20, CBS News: U.S. restricts work permits for asylum-seekers, raising fears of homelessness and hunger

8/24/20, AZPM: New Citizenship and Immigration Services memo announces the implementation of new DACA guidance

8/24/20, Intercept: Psychological Torture: ICE Responds to COVID-19 with Solitary Confinement

8/24/20, Denver Channel: Nonprofit aims to help immigrant parents navigate US school system for kids

8/24/20, Immigration Impact: Where Does Trump Get the Money to Build the Border Wall? Not From Steve Bannon

8/24/20, AP: Evangelicals ask Ivanka Trump to help protect migrant kids

8/24/20, Slate: COVID-19 Is a Convenient Excuse to Expel Refugees

8/23/20, San Diego Union-Tribune: Who gets asylum? Even before Trump, system was riddled with bias and disparities

8/23/20, NPR: CARES Act Leaves Out U.S. Citizens Married To Immigrants


8/27/20, CNN: In the shadow of a pandemic, Rohingya challenge our ideas about refugees

8/27/20, Guardian: Greece has a deadly new migration policy – and all of Europe is to blame

8/27/20, New Humanitarian: You don’t have to be neutral to be a good humanitarian

8/25/20, Foreign Policy: The World Needs to Reopen Borders Before It’s Too Late

8/24/20, Guardian: If you felt cooped up in lockdown, think of refugees confined indefinitely in camps

Policy Resources

CMS paper: Strengthening the US Immigration System through Legal Orientation, Screening and Representation: Recommendations for a New Administration

CMS paper: Rebuilding the US Refugee Resettlement Program

CMS paper: Border Enforcement Developments Since 1993 and How to Change CBP

MPI fact sheet: Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Regional Profile


8/26/20, NBC News (video): How immigration activism group ‘Witness at the Border’ tracks hundreds of deportation flights

8/26/20, Only in America (podcast): Racial Justice and Immigration: Karla McKanders

8/24/20, Fresh Air (audio): How Stephen Miller Became The Architect Of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Feet in 2 Worlds (podcast): “A Better Life?” A New Podcast Series from Fi2W

Educational Resources

Reimagining Migration: The Great Migration in Perspective – Isabel Wilkerson

Reimagining Migration: Supports for Students in Immigrant Families

This brief is one in a series aimed at providing K-12 education decision makers and advocates with an evidence
base to ground discussions about how to best serve students during and following the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Click here to learn more about the EdResearch for Recovery Project and view the set of COVID-19 response-and recovery topic areas and practitioner-generated questions.