8/1/19, Columbus Dispatch: Volunteers learn to accompany immigrants facing deportations to court, ICE check-ins

8/1/19, The Guardian: How the media contributed to the migrant crisis

7/31/19, NBC News: AG Barr using unique power to block migrants from U.S., reshape immigration law

7/31/19, New York Times: Some Democrats Want to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings. Would It Work?

7/30/19, ArtNet News: Artists Briefly Bridge the US-Mexico Border With a Heartwarming Seesaw Linking Kids in Both Countries

7/30/19, Vox: Microsoft, Dell, Concur: Here are all the tech companies doing business with ICE and how much they’re getting paid

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July 2019, Migration Policy Institute: As the Trump Administration Seeks to Remove Families, Due-Process Questions over Rocket Dockets Abound

7/28/19, New York Times: The U.S. and Guatemala Reached an Asylum Deal: Here’s What It Means

7/27/19, Vox: A controversial deal between US and Guatemala could reshape the asylum process

“Questions remain about how this latest policy will be implemented. For one thing, the Guatemalan high court’s injunctions still stand. And given the low number of asylum cases the country has historically heard, there is little infrastructure in place to receive anywhere near the number of migrants that have reached the US-Mexico border in recent months.

McAleenan, the acting homeland security secretary, said he thinks that the agreement will be ratified and recognized within the next several weeks. But according to ABC News, neither he nor the Spanish-language statement from Guatemala refer to the deal as binding.

Such confusion could harm migrants, suggests the statement from Refugees International.”

7/26/19, Immigration Impact: Appeals Court Decision Means Hundreds of Migrants Were Unlawfully Convicted

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7/29/19, New York Times: Why Trump’s Cruelty Doesn’t Deter Migrants


OCASI: A Future without Gender-Based Violence: Building Newcomers’ resilience through community education: a toolkit for service providers

This toolkit is for staff at community organizations that serve immigrants, refugees, and people without status. It is available in English and French versions. It is developed it to support service providers in providing community-based education to newcomers about gender-based violence and begin to equip them to address challenging situations. The objectives are to support program staff at community organizations in connecting with immigrants, refugees, and people without status to share accurate and culturally relevant information about gender-based violence and to provide practical ideas and guidelines for hosting community-based educational events, which service providers have identified as a best practice in addressing this issue.