7/19/22, UN News, Voluntary repatriation of refugees from Angola to DR Congo resumes

7/19/22, The Guardian, Standing up for asylum seekers: refugees learn the art of comedy

7/19/22, The Washington Post, In ‘The Displacements,’ a hurricane turns the rich into refugees

7/19/22, Bloomberg Law, Immigrants Take to Court in Record Numbers as Backlogs Pile Up

7/19/22, 13 News Now, Mercy Chefs to continue to help Ukrainian refugees through end of year

7/18/22, Aljazeera, Afghan refugees protest delayed visas at US embassy in Madagascar

7/18/22, The Columbus Dispatch, Reynoldsburg artist’s music reflects experience of Bhutanese-Nepali refugees

7/18/22, CNN, Ukrainian chef to launch London restaurant staffed by refugees

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7/16/22, Desert Sun, As California welcomes Ukrainian refugees, counties fall short on interpreters

7/13/22, UNHCR, UNHCR survey finds refugees from Ukraine hope to go home

7/13/22, Reuters, U.S. ban on ‘encouraging’ illegal immigration unconstitutional, court rules