5/24/23, Bloomberg Law, Asylum seekers notch wins, work permit processing times ease

5/25/23, The Guardian, Florida groups warn America of danger from ‘dictator’ DeSantis

5/26/23, The Hill, Unorthodox immigration bill catches both parties by surprise

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5/28/23, PBS News Hour, As new immigration rules take effect, asylum-seekers face long waits, anguish at U.S. border

5/29/23, The Guardian, Texas’s use of ‘invasion’ clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say

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5/31/23, Mother Jones, All Floridians should be worried about DeSantis’ new anti-immigration law

5/31/23, Minnesota Star-Tribune, Windom pork plant closes Friday, starting 10-day clock on immigrant workers with visas


5/24/23, San Diego Union-Tribune (op-ed), The end of Title 42 should’ve been a celebratory day, but it was far from that.

5/26/23, New York Times (op-ed), The U.S. keeps telling people to come the ‘right way.’ They’re listening.

5/26/23, The Messenger (op-ed), What the media is getting wrong about immigration today

5/27/23, The Hill (op-ed), An immigration reform bill focused on dignity has bipartisan support

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