June 2019 issue, The Atlantic: Mireya’s Third Crossing

5/23/19, Mother Jones: Trump Dumped Thousands of Immigrants in San Antonio. The City’s Response Was a Lesson in Kindness.

““We had surges of 150, then 250 and 300 people coming in one day,” Bridger said, “and (the nonprofits) came to the city and said, ‘We can’t keep doing this—this is beyond our capacity. Will you please help us?’”

That’s when the city quickly turned the vacant storefront across from the Greyhound station into a pit stop for families to rest, eat, call family members, and plan out their next steps. One city official described it to me as a “compassionate layover.” But the resource center wasn’t equipped to keep families overnight, so Catholic Charities helped create a shelter at the nearby Travis Park Church.”

5/23/19, NBCDFW: #SomethingGood: 6-Year-Old Humanitarian Brings Hope to Refugee Kids Across the World

5/23/19, Marketwatch: Immigration lobbying near record level as Trump administration aims for overhaul

5/22/19, Refugee Voices: Refugees call on Congress to fight for welcome

5/22/19, The Hill: House committee advances bill blocking census citizenship question

5/22/19, Vox: The crisis of children dying in custody at the border, explained

“The argument made by the Trump administration is that the best way to protect children is to stop them from coming to begin with, and that it needs to be able to deport families quickly so that potential future migrants will understand it’s not worth it to come to the US. Accepting that solution requires making assumptions about what exactly will stop people from coming — and also, of course, requires agreement that it’s more dangerous for a migrant to be in the US than her home country.”

5/21/19, New York Times: Trump Expected to Pick Ken Cuccinelli for Immigration Policy Role

5/21/19, The Intercept: A Homeland Security Whistleblower Goes Public about ICE Abuse of Solitary Confinement

5/21/19, New York Times: Hungary’s Migrant Abuse Is ‘Matter of Urgency,’ European Agency Finds

5/20/19, PBS NewsHour: 5th migrant child dies after being detained by Border Patrol

5/20/19, PBS NewsHour: Some ‘Dreamers’ face painful reality of no country to call home (video with transcript)

5/20/19, Vox: How Trump’s new immigration plan could hurt the economy

5/19/19, Quartz: More immigrants became US citizens last year even as immigration policies tightened

5/19/19, Time: Despite Opposition, ICE Looks to Open New Immigration Detention Facilities in California

“California has been at the forefront of efforts to limit ICE’s plans to build new facilities. In 2018, the state passed a law that blocks local governments from starting contracts with private companies that run prisons. Several California cities ended contracts with ICE over the last year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, leading to the loss of 434 beds.”

5/18/19, Axios: Refugee crisis: Chart shows staggering rise of displaced people in the world

5/17/19, New York Times: Trump Administration Flying Migrants Out of Texas to Ease Overcrowding at Border

5/17/19, The Hill: Appeals court rules Trump end of DACA was unlawful


5/22/19, The Hill: Syrian refugee crisis could grow exponentially worse

5/20/19, New York Times: Breaking My Own Silence

“I write novels, and now and then I give lectures. I come from many tribes — immigrant, introvert, working class, Korean, female, public school, Queens, Presbyterian. Growing up, I never knew that people like me could write books or talk in public. To this day, I worry that if I mess up, others like me might not be asked or allowed. This is how outsiders and newcomers feel. It is neither rational nor fair. I know.”

5/18/19, The Hill: No, the border isn’t breaking

5/17/19, New York Times: Liberals Are Wrong to Reject Trump’s Immigration Plan

5/17/19, The Guardian: The Guardian view on the Venice Biennale’s migrant boat: pushing the limits of art