4/24/22, The Guardian, ‘My children cry with hunger’: refugees denied UN aid rations at Malawi camp

4/24/22, International Digest, Climate Refugee Crisis is Only Going to Get Worse

4/23/22, The Hill, Biden vows to take in Ukrainians — but not as official refugees

4/23/22, BBC News, Ukrainian refugee children in Poland get ‘kindness backpacks’ from UK

4/23/22, Napa Valley Register, St. Helena couple takes in Ukrainian refugee family

4/22/22, Aljazeera, UN refugee agency ‘shocked’ at Rohingya deaths in Malaysia escape

4/22/22, NPR, Patrick Lyoya fled Congo to escape war. A traffic stop in Michigan cost him his life

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4/21/22, The Washington Post, Refugees From Russia, Ukraine Mingle in Mexican Border Town

4/21/22, CBS News, U.S. unveils sponsorship program to resettle Ukrainian refugees, discourage travel to U.S.-Mexico border

4/21/22, USA Today, Biden administration jails too many asylum seekers and keeps them locked up too long, report finds

4/20/22, Foreign Policy, Germany Is Displacing Afghan Refugees to Make Way for Ukrainians