4/25/19, New York Times: Cross-Border Patrols, Mercenaries and the K.K.K.: The Long History of Border Militias

4/24/19, The Nation: What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

The vision of a borderless world has never been the exclusive domain of the political left, and many of our current problems can be traced to the fact that we are already living in a borderless world for corporations and capital, but not for people.

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“I certainly understand how divided we are as a community, as a country, about the subject of immigration,” Morgan says. “But at the end of the day, it’s important to us to be able to not lose sight of the fact that these are people who need help.”

4/23/19, Vox: The Supreme Court case over adding a citizenship question to the census, explained

The central policy question, therefore, is whether the American Community Survey — the sampling-based, more frequent survey that can’t be used for allotting seats in Congress — gives the government all the information it needs about citizenship, or whether it needs to have mandatory, enumerated official census data. The administration, of course, argues it needs both. Its critics argue that asking about citizenship on the census even though it’s already in the American Community Survey violates a legal requirement not to ask census questions that the government already has sufficient data on.

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