Webinar: Episcopal DACA Action Day
Thursday, April 16, 12-2PM ET

Register here: bit.ly/DACAACTION

The Episcopal Church has long recognized the incredible contributions to our Church and communities by undocumented young people. Yet these valuable members of our society face the prospect of deportation if the Supreme Court invalidates the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Episcopalians can stand with our DACAmented friends by joining the Office of Government Relations’ Rushad Thomas and Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Kendall Martin and Allison Duvall from 12:00pm ET to 2:00pm ET on April 16, Episcopal DACA Action Day, in urging our lawmakers to protect undocumented people brought to the United States as children. This two-hour webinar will include a policy briefing, advocacy training, and conclude with all participants taking advocacy action steps together to ask Congress to pass the Dream Act. Register today, and encourage members of your congregation and diocese to join you in #episcopaladvocacy.


4/12/20, Guardian: Patel refuses to take children from Greek camps threatened by Covid-19

4/12/20, Washington Post: An immigrant community faces a ‘catastrophic’ pandemic without help

4/10/20, New Yorker: The Danger of COVID-19 for Refugees

4/10/20, New York Times: Coronavirus Finds Fuel in a World of Migrants

4/10/20, Guardian: Libya says migrants stopped at sea will not be let back in

4/9/20, New York Times: Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants

4/9/20, Guardian: Covid-19 spreading quickly through refugee camps, warn Calais aid groups

4/9/20, AP: US Expels Thousands to Mexico After Largely Halting Asylum

4/9/20, Axios: Trump administration wants immigrant sponsors to provide bank information

4/9/20, Washington Post: U.S. judge orders ICE to say how many detained migrants are being released under expanded coronavirus medical reviews

4/8/20, Immigration Impact: Holding on to Collective Solidarity After the Coronavirus

4/8/20, Reuters: Refugees in eastern Germany sew coronavirus face masks for pensioners

4/8/20, KUOW (Seattle): This immigrant has uplifting tips on making quarantine work. He’s been living like this for a year

4/7/20, Reuters: U.S. Deports 400 Migrant Children Under New Coronavirus Rules

4/7/20, AP: Border Wall Workers in New Mexico Spark Coronavirus Anxiety

4/7/20, BuzzFeed: Hundreds Of Immigrant Detainees Considered Vulnerable To The Coronavirus May Be Released

4/6/20, New York Times: They Cleaned Other People’s Homes. Now They Fear They’re Sick.

4/6/20, Immigration Impact: What You Need to Know About Public Charge and the Coronavirus


4/12/20, New York Times: The Impending Mass Grave Across the Border From Texas

4/10/20, Nation: Now Is the Time to Dismantle Our Deportation Machine

4/8/20, Washington Post: Terminating DACA during the pandemic would be a callous error in judgment

Policy Resources

April 2020, Migration Policy Institute: As U.S. Health-Care System Buckles under Pandemic, Immigrant & Refugee Professionals Could Represent a Critical Resource

Migration Policy Institute: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy: Building a Responsive, Effective Immigration System

This multiyear MPI initiative aims to generate a big-picture, evidence-driven vision of the role immigration can and should play in America’s future. Drawing from research, data analysis, and insights gained from convenings of key stakeholders across the spectrum, the Initiative will provide policy ideas and proposals—both administrative and legislative—that reflect new realities and needs for immigration to continue to be a comparative advantage for the United States as a society.

Among the key topics covered: The economic, labor market, and demographic impacts of immigration; immigration and national security; humanitarian, family-, and skills-based immigration; immigration enforcement; and immigrant integration.

Center for Migration Studies: COVID-19 Migration-Related Developments

This page summarizes US and global COVID-19 migration-related developments. It includes policy developments, CMS policy analysis, research, and dispatches about coronavirus. As the pandemic develops, this page will be updated.


4/9/20, We Are All America (webinar recording & resources): The CARES Act – How Pandemic Relief Benefits Refugees

On March 27, 2020, Congress passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act). To ensure refugees, asylees, and the organizations that serve them understand the available benefits, Refugee Council USAWe Are All America and National Partnership for New Americans hosted a webinar, now available online.

4/4/20, Reveal (podcast): Essential workers

4/3/20, United States of Anxiety (podcast): Dispatches from People Stranded in Place