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2/5/20, Human Rights Watch: Deported to Danger

“No government, UN agency, or nongovernmental organization has systematically monitored what happens to deported persons once back in El Salvador. This report begins to fill that gap. It shows that, as asylum and immigration policies tighten in the United States and dire security problems continue in El Salvador, the US is repeatedly violating its obligations to protect Salvadorans from return to serious risk of harm.”

1/30/20, Marshall Project: The Cheer Team Caught Between Two Worlds

Center for Migration Studies: Statelessness in the United States: A Study to Estimate and Profile the US Stateless

This report describes a unique methodology to produce estimates and set forth the characteristics of US residents who are potentially stateless or potentially at risk of statelessness. The methodology relies on American Community Survey (ACS) data from the US Census Bureau, supplemented by very limited administrative data on stateless refugees and asylum-seekers.

As part of the study, CMS developed extensive, well-documented profiles of non-US citizen residents who are potentially stateless or potentially at risk of statelessness. It then used these profiles to query ACS data in order to develop provisional estimates and determine the characteristics of these populations.