12/5/19, New York Times: Texas Judge Blocks Construction of Private Border Wall, for Now

12/5/19, Reuters: In rare legal test, Myanmar faces genocide hearings at The Hague

12/5/19, New York Times: Migrant Teen Lay for Hours in His Cell Before He Was Found Dead

12/4/19, National Catholic Reporter: Wyoming bishop opposes for-profit immigrant detention center expansion

12/3/19, New York Times and ProPublica: How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Carry Out Its Immigration Policies

12/3/19, Christianity Today: Refugee Ministries Fight New Resettlement Requirement

12/2/19, The Hill: A community fund helps unite immigrants with their families

12/2/19, CNN: Construction company building private wall for group with Trump ties wins government contract

12/2/19, Dallas Observer: Red Tape, Government Mistakes and an Endless Wait: One Man’s Struggle to Gain U.S. Asylum

12/2/19, Immigration Impact: ICE Revises Its Standards for Some Detention Facilities

12/2/19, NBC News: Campus activists find a target at the intersection of immigration and technology: Palantir

12/2/19, The Nation: ‘We Are So Much More Than Victims’

12/1/19, New York Times: The Overlooked Illegal Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil

12/1/19, Politico: ‘Black hole’ of medical records contributes to deaths, mistreatment at the border

11/20/19, Los Angeles Times: She was a test case for resettling detainees of Japanese descent — and unaware of the risk

11/29/19, Washington Post: Schools teach refugee, migrant kids skills to succeed in US

11/28/19, Washington Post: ICE set up a fake university, then arrested 250 people granted student visas

11/27/19, Vox: Trump’s policies at the border weren’t designed to keep out Mexican asylum seekers — until now

11/27/19, Washington Post: Report: US lacked technology to track separated families

11/27/19, Separated by religion, united by gratitude. Worshipers of three faiths give thanks together

11/25/19, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth mayor urges Abbott to allow refugees in Texas under new Trump policy


12/2/19, Seattle Times: Who profits from ‘crimmigration’? Not America or its ideals

12/2/19, New York Times: Abolish Immigration Prisons

11/27/19, Arizona Capitol Times: Time is running out for Congress to pass law to protect ‘Dreamers’

11/26/19, Philadephia Inquirer: As child of the ‘American experiment,’ I believe we can do better for Dreamers | Opinion


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