12/27/20, NPR: Immigrant Detainees Held by ICE Are Going On Hunger Strikes

12/27/20, San Diego Union-Tribune: The U.S. asylum system is broken. How could it be reimagined?

12/26/20, KRGV (TX): Migrants spend Christmas in Matamoros refugee camp

12/26/20, Nevada Independent: For organizers serving immigrant community, pandemic means a pivot back to the basics

12/25/20, Chicago Sun-Times: Resettlement, reunification and romance: Refugees make a new life in Chicago despite the pandemic

12/25/20, New York Times: Stateless, She Became the Face of a Largely Invisible Plight

12/23/20, Texas Tribune & ProPublica: The Trump administration awarded border wall contracts to build on land it doesn’t own in Texas

12/23/20, Washington Post: Biden says he’ll reverse Trump immigration policies but wants ‘guardrails’ first

12/22/20, CNN: Biden team prepares to revamp the US refugee admissions program

12/22/20, Dallas Morning News: Fight for stimulus checks for couples of mixed immigration status ends with partial victory

12/22/20, Guernica: Laila Lalami: “We have to think about citizenship as a relationship.”

12/22/20, HuffPost: Immigrant Women File Lawsuit Against ICE And Georgia Doctor Alleging Medical Abuse

12/22/20, New Humanitarian: 2020 in review: Migration and forced displacement

12/22/20, New York Times: Biden Says He Cannot Quickly Undo Trump Border Policies

12/21/20, Chicago Reader: For undocumented immigrants, the work doesn’t stop at the election

12/21/20, Los Angeles Times: Deaths along Arizona border on track for record after state’s hottest summer

12/21/20, Reuters: Exclusive: Biden team weighs deportation relief for more than 1 million Hondurans, Guatemalans

12/20/20, Axios: Biden and Mexico’s López Obrador discuss “new approach” to migration issues

12/20/20, New York Times: Immigrant Neighborhoods Shifted Red as the Country Chose Blue

12/18/20, Religion News Service: Biden DHS nominee has ‘refreshing’ meeting with faith groups about immigration, refugees


12/24/20, Guardian: If the measure of a city is how it treats its ‘invisibles’, London should be ashamed

12/23/20, Guardian: This is my eighth Christmas locked up in immigration detention. Next year I hope to celebrate as a free man

12/23/20, Sacramento Bee: Immigrants play vital roles in the American economy and deserve pathway to citizenship

12/21/20, Teen Vogue: The Citizenship Exam Puts an Unfair Burden on Low-Income Immigrants

12/20/20, New York Times: How Fake News Is Hatching in Immigrant Communities

Policy Resources

MPI commentary: Anticipated “Chilling Effects” of the Public-Charge Rule Are Real: Census Data Reflect Steep Decline in Benefits Use by Immigrant Families


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