12/20/20, New York Times: ‘I Miss Home’: In Tigray Conflict, Displaced Children Suffer

12/20/20, Philadelphia Inquirer: Jamaican couple to leave Philly church sanctuary after two years as government drops deportation case

12/19/20, USA Today: As COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, undocumented immigrants fear deportation after seeking dose

12/19/20, New York Times: ‘R’ is for Rohingya: Sesame Street Creates New Muppets for Refugees

12/18/20, Immigration Impact: USCIS and ICE Must Give People Access to Their Immigration Files After Losing Lawsuit

12/18/20, New Humanitarian: Ending detention, Greece still accused of failing to protect migrant children

12/18/20, New York Times: Justices Put Off Ruling on Trump Plan for Unauthorized Immigrants and Census

12/17/20, AP: Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains, toppled cactus

12/17/20, Border Report: Restoring US refugee program will require substantial funds, commitment from Biden

12/17/20, BuzzFeed News: DHS Inspectors Found ICE Detainees Who Were Kept In Solitary Confinement For 300 Days

12/17/20, Guardian: Thousands of refugees in mental health crisis after years on Greek islands

12/17/20, Immigration Impact: TPS Extended Another 9 Months for Certain Countries, While Calls for Expanding Protection Increase

12/16/20, BuzzFeed News: Secret Emails Show The Dramatic Moment A Top ICE Lawyer Tried — And Failed — To Get Deported Children Flown Back To The US

12/16/20, CNN: Immigrant advocates urge Biden to quickly rectify the trauma of family separation

12/16/20, Indy Star: New database will help immigrants in Central Indiana find resources in 150+ languages

12/16/20, Nation: Dean Spade on the Promise of Mutual Aid

12/16/20, Washington Post: Biden order to halt border wall project would save U.S. $2.6 billion, Pentagon estimates show

12/15/20, AP: Birth on a riverbank: Woman’s ordeal shows risks at border

12/15/20, Immigration Impact: Congressional Democrats Announce One of the Most Progressive Immigration Reform Plans in History

12/15/20, Nation: The Border Patrol Is Cracking Down on Humanitarian Aid

12/15/20, Newsweek: In Biden Commitment to Immigration, Activists See Echoes of Concerns With Obama

12/14/20, Chicago Tribune: Though DACA survived Supreme Court ruling, Texas court case could end immigration program

12/14/20, Immigration Impact: Asylum Is In Danger After Court Upholds Rushed Screening Process at the Border

12/14/20, New York Times: Families at Border Present Familiar Test for Biden’s Homeland Security Pick

12/13/20, CBS News: U.S. border officials expelled dozens of migrant children in violation of court order

12/13/20, Week: Trump’s border wall is dividing Indigenous communities. Will Biden help?

12/11/20, Arizona Republic: 628 parents of separated children are still missing. Here’s why immigrant advocates can’t find them.


12/16/20, Oklahoman: Opinion: Oklahoma City man an example of how refugees enrich America

12/16/20, WBUR: The Safe Communities Act Isn’t Only About Immigration. It Will Protect Public Health

12/15/20, Texas Standard: Opinion: Unauthorized Workers In Essential Jobs Deserve Legal Immigration Status

12/11/20, Washington Post: Biden can end the mass incarceration of immigrants

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