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11/3/19, The Guardian: ‘I can’t believe I’m free’: the Canadian citizens ending the torment for Australia’s offshore refugees

11/2/19, AP: Trump Approves Plan to Cap Refugees at 18,000 in 2020

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11/1/19, Vox: A new study shows that even the poorest immigrants lift themselves up within a generation

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11/7/19, New York Times: How to Beat Trump on Immigration

11/7/19, The Atlantic: The Fragility of Immigrants’ Constitutional Protections

11/4/19, Los Angeles Times: Opinion: The Trump administration resettled zero refugees last month. That’s not good


Freedom for Immigrants: Immigration Detention is Psychological Torture: Strategies for Surviving Our Fight for Freedom

In its report, “Immigration Detention is Psychological Torture: Strategies for Surviving Our Fight for Freedom,” Freedom for Immigrants documents nearly 2,000 instances of emotional distress caused or exacerbated by the isolation inherent in the U.S. immigration detention system. Examples of these psychological, and sometimes physical, assaults include an inability to connect with family or attorneys, transfers away from communities of support, solitary confinement, extreme temperatures, attacks on religious practices, and other forms of abuse by U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

TRAC: Incomplete and Garbled Immigration Court Data Suggest Lack of Commitment to Accuracy

Refugee Studies Centre: The Map is Not the Territory: Story-making, Place and Performance | Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2019 (audio)

Refugee Studies Centre: Syria: The Making and Unmaking of a Refuge State | A lecture by Dawn Chatty (video)

The mass influx of peoples into Syria over the last 150 years, including Circassians, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Armenian, Albanians, Kosovars, created a modern nation of great cultural hybridity. Until recently this was the source of its openness to contemporary waves of forced migrants including Palestinians, Lebanese, and Iraqis. Now with the tables turned Syrians have sought refuge and sanctuary among its neighbouring states. This lecture examines the history of Syria – Bilad-al-Sham – in the late Ottoman Empire and since World War One as it welcomed refugees and other uprooted peoples from across the region. It also draws some provisional conclusions regarding displaced Syrians contemporary welcome in neighbouring states.

Migration Policy Institute: Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the United States

Migration Policy Institute: 16th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference (audio recordings of sessions)

With immigration a central plank of the Trump administration’s policy agenda, the 16th annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference, held in October 2019, featured analysis by top experts in and out of government regarding changing policies implemented at the U.S.-Mexico border, narrowing of asylum, cooperation with migrant-transit countries, and actions that could reduce legal immigration, including revisions to the public-charge rule.