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Migration Policy Institute: Volunteers and Sponsors: A Catalyst for Refugee Integration?

How can the benefits of volunteering be harnessed by overstretched providers? This report considers where community members can add the most value to integration efforts, assesses the barriers that community organizations and integration service providers face in engaging volunteers, and offers recommendations for how policymakers can facilitate the effective engagement of communities in integration initiatives.

New American Economy: Midwestern Cities Take the Lead in Welcoming Immigrants

The NAE Cities Index, first launched in 2018 as the first-ever comprehensive assessment of cities’ immigration policies and their immigrants’ socioeconomic outcomes, uses 51 unique measures to answer two questions at the heart of the immigration debate: How well are immigrants integrating into American society; and, what role do cities play in that process?

This American Life (podcast): The Out Crowd

Reports from the frontlines of the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy. We hear from asylum seekers waiting across the border in Mexico, in a makeshift refugee camp, and from the officers who sent them there to wait in the first place.

Refugee Studies Centre (audio recording): Humanitarian wearables and digital bodies: problems of gifts and labour | Professor Kristin Sandvik