11/14/19, Newsweek: Trump Says Europe Should Pay More to Cover Costs of Supporting Refugees After Letting Zero Refugees into U.S. Last Month

11/14/19, New York Times: Refugee and Author Detained by Australia Is Given Visa to Travel

11/13/19, CBS News: Immigration hawk Ken Cuccinelli tapped as No. 2 at Homeland Security

11/13/19, AP: Asylum-seekers get attorney access before return to Mexico

11/13/19, NBC News: FBI’s ‘lone wolf’ report says domestic terrorists are rarely isolated

11/12/19, New York Times: Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump End DACA Program

11/12/19, Washington Post: A Trump administration strategy led to the child migrant backup crisis at the border

11/12/19, NPR: How Immigration Raids In August Have Changed A Small Town In Mississippi

11/12/19, NBC News: The U.S. has held a record 69,550 migrant children in government custody in 2019

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11/12/19, New York Times: What Is DACA? And How Did It End Up in the Supreme Court?

11/11/19, PRI: After Trump order, states scramble to say they will receive refugees

11/11/19, Vox: The number of migrants apprehended at the southern border has plummeted 75% since May

11/11/19, New York Times: Myanmar Genocide Lawsuit Is Filed at United Nations Court

11/11/19, Vox: 3 ways the Supreme Court could decide DACA’s fate

11/10/19, PBS NewsHour: Migrant aid workers face arrests and prosecutions

11/9/19, CBS News: U.S. seeks to hike fees for immigration applications and impose first-ever asylum charge (auto-play video)

11/9/19, Los Angeles Times: ICE may circumvent California’s ban on private immigrant detention centers

11/8/19, New York Times: Houston Prosecutor Fired for Asking Assault Victim’s Immigration Status

11/7/19, Washington Post: ICE refuses to turn over internal documents on facial recognition tech and detention tactics, lawsuit says


11/15/19, New York Times: Stephen Miller’s Sinister Syllabus

11/12/19, Los Angeles Times Editorial Board: Editorial: Regardless of what the Supreme Court does, Congress should make DACA stronger, and permanent

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11/8/19, The Guardian: The Essex lorry deaths are not just ‘tragic’. They’re political


11/12/19, Refugee Studies Centre: A human right to international freedom of movement | Dr Sarah Fine (audio)