10/3/19, Reuters: ‘All I can do is pray’: A family in limbo as U.S. slows refugee admissions

10/3/10, Vox: The US wants to collect DNA from immigrant detainees for a federal criminal database

10/2/19, Washington Post: Legal challenges aim to derail Trump’s ‘public charge’ rule that could limit path to citizenship for poor immigrants

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9/30/19, The Guardian: Riots at Greek refugee camp on Lesbos after fatal fire

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9/28/19, The Guardian: Trump has nearly destroyed US refugee program, experts say

9/28/19, Los Angeles Times: A bad day for Trump administration on immigrant front as it suffers three legal defeats in one day

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9/27/19, Washington Post: An undocumented man was killed when cops went to the wrong home. The city claims he had no constitutional rights.

9/26/19, Washington Post: Indian asylum seeker released by US after hunger strike


10/2/19, New York Times: Trump Is Trying to Kill the Program That Saved My Life

9/30/19, Boston Globe: No refugees need apply

9/30/19, USA Today: Trump’s record low cap on refugees is a blow to them and our history as a welcoming nation

9/29/19, Dallas Morning News Editorial Board: Trump is dismantling the system for legal refugees. Why?

9/27/19, Religious News Service: Reducing the refugee cap will decimate crucial faith-based partnerships

“When brothers and sisters abroad face persecution and are displaced from their homelands, we Americans are unfailing in our desire to help. Refugee resettlement embodies that caring spirit and our faithful commitment to assisting the least among us. Turning our backs on refugees contradicts our Christian values and harms our nation.

With nearly 26 million refugees worldwide, over half of whom are children, the United States must do her part to alleviate the suffering of these valued members of God’s family. We must stand in the breach for our refugee brothers and sisters who seek a haven of peace and renewal here. They will be safe. And the United States will be blessed. For this is the way of God, the way of Love; for God is Love.”

9/27/19, New York Times Editorial Board: Trump Tears Up the Welcome Mat


9/30/19, Refugee Studies Centre: New research brief examines why people choose to avoid refugee status

This new research brief by Georgia Cole outlines why, in the context of a specific displaced population in Uganda, individuals choose to avoid the asylum system, and what alternatives they both pursue and would prefer to it. Their responses point towards a practical set of changes that could significantly enhance protection within the asylum system in this context. But they also point towards a preference for legal pathways to regularising individuals’ statuses that are discrete from the refugee regime and its labels. The brief is based on research conducted with Eritreans in Kampala in late 2016.