1/9/20, NPR: This Migrant Won In Immigration Court, And The U.S. Sent Him To Mexico Anyway

1/9/20, Vox: The Trump administration has finalized an agreement to deport Honduran asylum seekers back to Honduras

1/9/20, The Guardian: Mexican man kills himself on bridge after being refused entry to US

1/8/20, AP: Judge weighs bid to stop Trump’s refugee resettlement limit

1/8/20, AP: Guatemala president says no deal to send Mexicans there

1/8/20, AP: Tennessee gov defends against ‘misinformation’ on refugees

1/8/20, StarTribune: Minnesota’s Beltrami County votes against allowing refugee resettlement

1/8/20, Immigration Impact: What Are the Proposed New Bars to Asylum?

1/7/20, Time: ‘Our Work Is Helping People Find Happiness.’ Meet the Leftist Nuns Helping Migrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border

1/7/20, Los Angeles Times: Mexico balks at U.S. plan to send Mexican asylum seekers to Guatemala

1/7/20, PBS Frontline: “The Most Horrible Thing I’ve Ever Done”: A Border Patrol Officer Who Separated Families Speaks Out

1/7/20, Reuters: ‘Into the lion’s den’: Mexican asylum seekers fear deportation to Guatemala

1/7/20, CBS Boston: Documents Show ICE Accessed Boston School Records 135 Times (autoplay video)

1/6/20, PRI: Fearing detention, undocumented immigrants seek ways to appoint guardians for their children

1/6/20, New York Times: In Retirement, They Help Immigrants Find Their Way in New York

1/6/20, AP: Homeland Security will share citizenship data with Census

1/6/20, New York Times: Mexican Asylum Seekers Could Now Be Deported to Guatemala

1/5/20, Politico: Border stops for people of Iranian descent spark outrage

1/5/20, Politico: How Trump Created a New Global Capital of Exiles

1/5/20, CNN: Trump administration extends protected status for Yemen

1/5/20, Cape Gazette (DE): Local women seek support for Texas church asylum project

1/3/20, PRI: 10 US immigration issues to watch in 2020

1/3/20, Washington Post: White House quietly threatened to veto spending legislation over ‘dreamers’ issue

12/29/19, Mass Live: Interfaith Council challenges Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno on refugee resettlement


1/7/20, The Atlantic: The Other Swing Voter

1/6/20, USA Today: Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is traumatizing kids. Bring asylum-seekers here to heal.

1/5/20, Dallas Morning News: It’s a dark time to be undocumented, but the faith of my immigrant family gives me hope

1/3/20, Miami Herald: Trump’s cruel immigration policies keep asylum seekers in detention. Give them parole | Opinion

1/3/20, Washington Monthly: Republican Governors Are Rejecting Trump’s Anti-Refugee Agenda


PBS FRONTLINE: Targeting El Paso

FRONTLINE investigates how El Paso, Texas became the Trump administration’s immigration policy testing ground, and then the target of a white supremacist. Interviews with current and former officials, Border Patrol agents, advocates and migrants tell the inside story from the epicenter of the border crisis. Premiering at a special time — 10:30/9:30c — on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020 (check local PBS listings).

Migration Policy Institute: What Should Successful Integration Look Like for Vulnerable Newcomers?

Refugee Hosts International Conference; Panel: rethinking community, rights and displacement: theory and practice. This panel conceptualised ‘rights’ in relation to the lives, stories and experiences of those affected by displacement, including on the level of the individual and of ‘the community’. This included reflections on the conceptualisation of ‘the community’ itself in relation to rights. You can watch the videos of the presentations of Prof Lyndsey Stonebridge (Refugee Hosts – University of Birmingham), Dr Tamirace Fakhoury (Lebanese American University), Dr Anna Rowlands (Refugee Hosts – Durham University), and Dr Zeynep Kivilcim (Humbodt Universitat zu Berlin).

Migration Policy Institute Transatlantic Council on Migration: Rebuilding Community After Crisis: An Updated Social Contract for a New Migration Reality

In exploring how the migration crisis has recalibrated the challenge facing governments, reports presented at the meeting focused on three key questions:

  • How has the new migration reality changed assumptions about successful labor market integration? How has rising demand for housing created gaps and barriers in the integration process? What are the most promising fast tracks and nontraditional pathways to success in new societies? Where have policies help smooth the integration process, and where are they struggling to keep up with new evidence on newcomers’ trajectories?
  • What defines successful integration for the most vulnerable newcomers? Older migrants, women caring for family members, and asylum seekers suffering from trauma may struggle to enter the labor market at all. What are the most appropriate investments for these groups to ensure that they can meaningfully participate and add social, if not direct economic, value to their new communities?
  • What does a new social contract look like in the aftermath of the migration crisis? How does rising immigration interact with other social and economic trends such as population aging and labor market change? How can governments balance the need to protect and strengthen welfare-state institutions against misuse and perceived unfairness with their obligations towards vulnerable newcomers? How can they reassure skeptical and anxious residents who feel left behind?