Neighbor to Neighbor is not a program so much as a network, connecting newly arrived asylum seekers  with an Episcopal congregation in their new, local community. Informal and non-legally binding, this  relationship between neighbors is designed to be long-lasting and mutual. Through it, we seek to both  assist and support asylum seekers the way the church has always helped new members of our  community: with love, friendship, guidance, and assistance as needed. Here’s how it works:  

  • Congregations discern, learn, plan, and decide to join Neighbor to Neighbor.
  • Lay led groups from Neighbor Congregations are trained in order that they can best  accompany their newly arrived neighbors.
  • Newcomer neighbors (asylum seekers) request assistance in their destination communities and are connected to local Neighbor Congregations for friendship, support, guidance and care.
  • Neighbor Congregations are supported through regular group-work, listening and prayer as  well as through ongoing trainings facilitated by Neighbor to Neighbor.  

Rooted in the local community, and in real-time, incarnate relationships between neighbors old and new, Neighbor to Neighbor provides a simple, supported way for Episcopalians to join in community with  newcomers to our country who both need so much, and have so much to give. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact The Rev. Cristina Rathbone, [email protected], or Allison Duvall, [email protected], for more information.