Isaiah 58:8
the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard

Reflections this week are by The Rev. Michael Wallens

We may be able to defend ourselves from those things that come at us from the front that we can see, but God promises to defend us from attacks from the rear where we cannot always see. His glory provides a hedge of protection that cannot be breached by anything.

God is presently with us, and is concerned about what is going on behind us. There is no need to lack courage, be afraid, panic, or tremble before our enemies or any situation that is used as a weapon to harm us. It literally means that God’s got your back!

It is like when I would teach my sons how to walk. I would hold their arms up in the air as I walked behind them.

If there was ever anyone who truly loved you and had your back, ponder on the truth that GOD does.

Questions for reflection

  • How has God got your back? How can you have the backs of those who are migrating?
  • How does God have the back of the asylum seeker?
  • How does God have the back of those in detention?
  • How does God have the back of DACA recipients?
  • How does God have the back of the church in our migration ministry?


Michael Wallens is an Episcopal priest who serves five churches in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas. He also serves as co-chair of the Rio Grande Borderland Ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande (RGBM). RGBM serves people along the border from Big Bend to Arizona.

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