Hearts & Homes for Refugees

Hearts & Homes for Refugees is a nonprofit grassroots humanitarian organization that works with U.S. State Department-designated agencies to welcome, assist and advocate for refugees. We are a growing network of volunteers — families, neighbors, community organizations, and people of goodwill from all faith and civic groups — committed to offering refugees hope and opportunity. In keeping with time-honored American tradition, we offer refuge to those fleeing violence and persecution and identify and tap resources that aid refugee populations. We use our expertise and experience to educate, inspire and equip others to welcome the stranger.

HHR is an apolitical initiative that welcomes concerned individuals from every religious, faith-based and civic background and does not represent any specific faith or community group except its own.

The coalition we have spearheaded, the Westchester Refugee Initiative, includes several Episcopal churches, in particular through our member Rivertowns for Refugees: St. Barnabas, Grace Episcopal Hastings, Christ Episcopal Church, Zion Episcopal Dobbs Ferry, All Saints Episcopal Church Briarcliff, Christ Episcopal Church & San Marcos.

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How Can You Help?

We are a volunteer-driven organization and our currency is volunteers. We need the financial capacity to continue building and expanding the grassroots effort to mobilize individuals and faith communities, cultivate new partners, provide program activities and opportunities to welcome, support and advocate for refugees and asylees. We are also looking beyond our own community of Westchester County, planting networking seeds as we aspire to create interest in our model of community partnerships, grassroots education and social mobilization that is scalable and can be adopted and adapted where there are communities of potential “welcomers”.

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