Give a Gift to Support Refugees.

Be a voice of welcome and beacon of hope for newly arrived refugees through a virtual gift for friends or family. Show your support by purchasing a gift through our online catalogue, ensuring refugee families have a warm welcome to their new home, community orientation, access to English classes, childcare, or support for basic needs.

“What can I say. . . simply that I am grateful to the American government and the American people for this amazing opportunity. I celebrated my 70th birthday in the United States and finally I felt the taste of freedom, acceptance, love and most of all hope. Hope for my children, their children and their grandchildren. Never again would they face the cruel reality that lives on in many far corners of this world.”

“America is a country of many nations and many peoples. From the moment I arrived I never felt like a refugee. I always felt like a dream come true. Living my dream of a better life with more opportunities. Only in the United States can you arrive knowing no one and end up with people that become family.”

Commit to a month of daily prayer for refugees – FREE

Childcare  – $35  

Provide support for childcare while parents attend ESL classes, job training, or mentoring.

Clothing for the Season – $50  

Provide seasonally-appropriate clothing for a newly arrived refugee.

Literacy Support – $75

Help ensure refugees, young and old, make a successful transition by providing for English literacy and conversational programs.

New Life Orientation – $100

Assist us in welcoming our new fellow Americans by providing community orientation so that they may participate fully in our schools, businesses, churches, and organizations.

Employment Connections – $150

Help provide refugees with the services they need to ensure gainful employment. Services include employment training, vocational counseling, resume assistance, and transportation assistance.

“Healthy Kitchen” Kit – $250

Help supply refugees with the necessary supplies and ingredients to prepare healthy meals as they settle into their new life in the U.S.

“Welcome Home” Kit – $500

Help welcome a newly arrived refugee family with a collection of basic household goods to help them settle into their new home. This kit is a great way to help meet a refugee’s practical needs as they start to rebuild their life here in the United States. Items include such things as dishes, linens, cleaning supplies, and groceries.

Support a Refugee Family for a Month – $1,500

During the first month of transition to America, while refugees are adjusting to a new culture and a new way of life, they are also seeking employment and stability for their family. Help ease this time of transition with a gift that will cover the basic expenses of shelter and food.

Your donations go directly to their stated use unless a project is overfunded, in which case funds will be allocated to an area of similar need. Episcopal Migration Ministries is committed to using all donations effectively and appropriately to serve and empower refugees who have been welcomed into the United States. The product descriptions in this catalog represent gift items related to programs that help refugees integrate into their new home. Actual gifts may vary depending on local needs as determined by the program directors of EMM’s resettlement affiliates. All donations are used to help refugees.